iPhone or Android, with MKBHD

@Marques Brownlee joins us to play a game. Can he figure out who is an iPhone user and who is not based on very little information?

RETRO TECH now available to stream on YouTube.com/Learning and Marques Brownlee’s YouTube channel.

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35 Replies to “iPhone or Android, with MKBHD”

  1. Camron Haye

    I used the iPhone 12 pro max for a week I no not long enough and I loved it but the size for me ruined the useability /reachability how do you feel about your max and are you not a fan of the pro

  2. Ned Martin

    I am looking for a solution of how to receive clear video text messages from friends and family using iPhone who are several miles away.
    I can receive them but the video quality is horrible on my android device.
    Really love my Pixel phone but tired of missing videos from people sending from iPhone as well as not being to send my own videos larger than 20mb.

  3. FlamingOL

    about cases
    its harder to get a case for tandroid phones since theres so many didfferent sizes and stuff
    so if they have a case then they are most likely to be an iphone user

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