iPhone SE 2020 – 3 Months Later!

iPhone SE 2020 – 3 Months Later! Hello all and welcome to this 3 months later video review of the iPhone SE 2020. In this video I will share with you my experience of the Product Red 2020 Apple iPhone SE with the intentions of helping you decide if this is still going to be worth it to purchase for you now. The iPhone SE 2020 features a 4.7″ Retina Display, A13 Bionic chipset, 3GB ram, and a 12MP 4K60p rear camera and is capable of running the latest iOS 14 beta. If you have the iPhone SE 2020, please consider sharing your experience that you have had with the phone with the community down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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29 Replies to “iPhone SE 2020 – 3 Months Later!”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    iPhone SE 2020 – 3 Months Later! In this video I will share with you the iPhone SE experience after 3 months and if you should consider buying this now! Share your experience with the community below if you picked this phone up!

  2. Purple Cupcake

    Hi Nick. I'm sure you own a lot of phones. What do you do with them after your done with them? You must get a lot of members and friends asking you to pass them on to them

  3. Mercado John Arnie

    That's what I like about the SE. It does not look impressive so the risk of you getting robbed is by far lower than owning the beasts of Apple like the iPhone 11. It may not look impressive but the specs are a beast. Except the battery which is only decent.

  4. Hack Prine

    The SE is the smallest phone available just about for all similar makes… I for one do not want to carry around a miniture Tablet in my pocket… It's a communication device not a fricken panoramic cinematic visual artificial alternate reality screen to block out the real world in front of ones eyes device….. It's a telephone device to carry and not be cumbersome…. I don't want to carry a "Tablet" sized communication device….. I prefer to be unencumbered….. I'll take the SE…

  5. Calin Stanciu

    i want to buy it and i;m wondering if i will have issues with the battery. i should mention that i use my phone only for facebook, instagram and youtube for listening music (a lot). i wonder if he can keep up with these tasks a hole day without charging it until i go to bed.
    if anyone here is a basic user like me and does have an SE, i would love to hear ur opinions and toughts about it. Thanks!

  6. Mario Herrera Jr

    We gotta be honest after a few weeks no matter what your phone or any new thing you buy the excitement will always runs out. even if it cost you 1000+ or 400. It's just a matter of how much one is willing to pay and can afford. Sadly my note 10 dies in my and neither Samsung and bestbuy won't do anything for me so I just went and bought the SE so far after putting the battery case I get about 1.5 day of use and performance is great. I never going back to flagship phones is just not worth it.

  7. Dana O.P.

    There’s not much differences among all iphones , my iphone 6 still works fine and it runs ISO.12. And for me i prefer smaller phones and really love the home button so i would definitely get this one.

  8. SarathKumar T M

    When I open a random contact name and tap message button, it simply opens the "messages app" without recipient details on top.. when I just close that screen and repeat, messages app open with recipient details… does someone else have the same problem??

  9. jelie2k

    I I got my wife the 11 pro and bought myself the SE. My last phone was a 6 Plus. I’m a simple man and the SE does everything I need it to do quickly. I’m very happy with my purchase.

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