iPhone SE 2020 – 4 Months Later: Still Worth It?

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This is an awesome device, especially for the price! However, is it still worth it 4 months later? The Pixel 4a and OnePlus Nord are out as well which means more competition for the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE:

iPhone SE 2020: 1 Month Later!:
Who is the iPhone SE for?:

Time Stamps:
00:24 – Introduction
02:15 – Design
04:21 – Software
05:40 – Camera
10:00 – Battery Life
12:17 – Price
13:47 – Final Thoughts

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37 Replies to “iPhone SE 2020 – 4 Months Later: Still Worth It?”

  1. Rani Mungcal

    The ligthning port/cable chargers is the apple original design exclusively for iphones!..and i dont want apple to change that!.. so many people demands to change it to usb c like androids!..a big no for me👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  2. sdnalyam

    Dual sims?. No, normal sim and esim which a lot of countries don’t use, useless for serious travelers. Glass back, FAIL. Wireless charging, not practical while travelling and uses more power than standard charging.


    Why is no one mentioning the overheating issue with this device. As soon as I start using apps like YouTube , IG TV and Uber the Phone screens dims and I double check my display settings and the brightness is turned all the way up. I literally have to place my phone in front of a fan or AC unit in order for it too cool off. This issues needs to be addressed and maybe a software update can fix this.

  4. Discover Joe

    I have a OnePlus 7 Pro and I'm planning on getting am iPhone SE. I love both Android and iOS and I'd love to use both ecosystems and I think an iPhone SE will be a good second phone for my beast OnePlus 7 Pro.

  5. docyagamikiko

    Bro.. not to pop ur bubble.. but the shakes is strait down annoying in the nauseating level.✌️
    The framing, lights and movements, even the script went out really good.. just the shakes bro..the shakes..
    Gimbal, tripod mounted movements or even strap bending will lessen it. Imma sub and see u improve bro. Im a sudden supporter! Keep it up! 💪🤓👌

  6. Beatriz R

    I was an iPhone 6 user until May when I decided to buy the SE. So far, so good. It is fast, reliable, battery life is okay to me and design is beautiful. I find it really annoying when 'tech-gods' on the Internet say that it is a bad phone because of the bezels, battery etc. I always say that comparing a SE to a 11 is like comparing a Opel Corsa to a Ferrari: yeah, both take you to places BUT, if you want more, you have to pay!! It is really simple.
    This is definitely a phone designed to people who want a phone but still want a life.

  7. Dew Dew

    How you make a folder like that on your iphone se? 😁 i want to know, i'm new to iphone and i just bought my product red two days ago..256GB from the philippines 🇵🇭

  8. Regan Levendale

    After an amazing 7 years, I’m going to upgrade from my iPhone 6 16gb (Space Gray) to the iPhone SE 2020 128gb (Product Red) and I’m excited….been watching a few unboxing videos and with every video, I’m loving it every time.

  9. Akshaya

    I have this phone for over a month now and I love it. Coming from a 5.5 inch android display it took me a week to adapt but this phone is very handy compared to the bigger ones. The apple ecosystem is fabulous. It is an excellent choice for people who like using every feature in their phone other than gaming ( gaming drains the battery faster ) .

  10. Kenyon H

    Man I can honestly say I love this phone. I have a iPhone 11 Pro and I needed a 2nd phone. I decided to get the SE. Definitely was the best choice. I love how good it feels in my hand. Very lightweight, makes my iPhone 11 Pro seem heavy lol. Battery life is good, of course not as good as the 11 Pro but it’s good. Very responsive and fast with the A13 chip. I feel like it’s a mini iPhone 11 Pro without the Camera, Face ID and a few other things that doesn’t matter to me. This SE has become my daily driver for now.

  11. Karan Ghosh

    I am using the first gen iphone se still its a total beast ❤️. I haven using for 2.5 years now. Getting my hands on the new iphone se on September. This is the phone worth the upgrade. Thanx man for the awesome review. Love from India ❤️😊

  12. Richard

    Many people who have androids have disagreed with me in other YouTube videos where I commented my opinions on the iPhone SE 2020 being the better option but I wont sit and argue with them I have a right to state my opinions.
    I feel like the iPhone SE 2020 is the best option around this price range let me tell you why. In your video you say 4 or 5 years Support But realistically many iPhones have been seeing 5 to 6 years of software support for example the original iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s.
    So why do I am take the iPhone SE 2020 over the midrange androids quite simple you get 5 to 6 years of software support. you have a very Secure and stable operating system. A really fast processor. The android devices in this range have the 700 series processors that may be OK for many but I demand raw power because I am a power user. Hence the iPhone SE 2020 wins in that category. I don’t care about The design being a little outdated cause we are not talking about a $1500 phone but what we are talking about is a decent mid range phone with almost flag ship level power. The cameras are decent sure Apple could have included night mode but again compromises have to be made in order to meet that price range. It has wireless charging and it has an IP rating of 67. I’m a happy camper. When comparing this phone to my iPhone 11 pro max i’m shocked at how it’s able to keep up Toe to toe with this phone in speed. About the Battery Life…well it’s not a problem. I get about 7 hours of battery life if I don’t have a use it like really heavy otherwise I get more like 6 hours of battery life however Amazon has a battery case for $19.99 a battery that will give you the Battery Life of an iPhone 11 to your iPhone SE 2020.
    So for $419 including the case you got one solid iPhone. As I mentioned in the other YouTube videos where I made the same comment..you get android people Who get butt hurt when you mention that you like iPhones better than androids and they try to put you down. Again I don’t sit there and argue and the reason why is because that’s not gonna change my mind or my opinions on one of the greatest devices ever made by Apple. And people who sit there and argue saying their devices are better…are only showing their true colors and showing that they have nothing better to do with their lives but to try and put others down. I like your video because even though you have the one plus 7 pro…you actually said pretty decent things about the iPhone SE 2020. That shows you’re not biased towards any brand of Phone. by the way I’m also buying the iPhone 12 pro max

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