iPhone SE (2020) Honest Thoughts…

iPhone SE costs $399 and just went on sale. I have many thoughts.

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25 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020) Honest Thoughts…”

  1. Phillip Phage

    Watching this video was extremely informative but I think personally a lot of people making the suggestion that the reason why Apple is introducing cheaper smart phone to attract the "mid range" Android users to jump over is a bit exaggerated or over exaggerated. First off an article I found interesting from Mashable and other media outlets pointed out Apple no longer releases the sales numbers for their IPhones if not the majority of their products. The reason being Apple finds that selling services of their ecosystem is a far better indicator of how well their company is making revenue.

    This is true but there is another reason which they won't openly admit to. The competition at the top is rife. High End Anroid smartphones are becoming increasingly more powerful and have more innovative features that make it a bit difficult for Apple to charge exorbitant prices for their products. Companies like One Plus, Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung are making it difficult for Apple to compete. Some fanboys will right away say my comment is unjustly founded but we have to take notice of companies like One Plus whose Oxygen which has being touted as providing users with a smooth experience overall. Its not as comparable to the OS of Apple but any interested party who would be looking for a "clean" and optimized system needn't look any further than the One plus device(if they specifically want Android). Huawei has made leaps and bounds in their product line from the first p10 to the current P40 series and their phones are not only powerful but stylishly beautiful as well. Were it not for their current woes with rhe USA, a lot more people would have purchased the new P40 and P40 pro series, which does tout a world class camera system and I can bet Huawi will look to snatch the title from Apple and most smartphone manufacturers for having one of the best camera for photo's (a title formerly held by the Google Pixel range) and shooting Dolby certified video. I find it a bit perplexing a lot of reviewers mention how revolutionary the decision is for Apple to introduce a low price range device for normal users but not mention the lacklustre sales for some Apple devices including their IPhones.

    Its a good business decision

  2. Garance A Drosehn

    Just another data point, several months later: If you go with Boost Mobile (formerly Virgin Mobile), they're actually selling the 64-gig capacity of the new iPhoneSE for $250. Brand new iPhone. $250.

    Wrt "best compact phone of the year", I think the iPhone 12 mini will win that title.

  3. C Ort

    the battery charging fast wide angle cameras loud speakers able to use 1 handed and 2k plus screen oled is what I want out of phone…..next big thing would be glass but out gps in my face when I drive n other things thats what I WANT
    oo and headphones that u can find if u loose case n all wont buy another set untill that feature is available bullshit headphone bullshit

  4. C Ort

    i😅heard🤣that battery trash😅was going to buy to become a blue bubble boy phone is smaller so stressed about breaking this hugh note 20 ultra mad nervous want something cheap plastic not going to break small something I dont care about breaking or will work when broken iphone 12 mini looking ok because that glass harder to break but back still needs case so

  5. Riju Das

    got the new iphone se (128gb) for 32k rupees (430 dollars)…can't be more amazed but yet a bit let down in the battery and charging speed with the 5watts charger

  6. ThatAngelFoto

    This is the phone I’ve been using since it came out and by god it’s great. I was android user before hand and hated it, but this phone made the transition so easy and perfect. I’m a fan of a home button, and this phone is new enough to be worth the money, but has everything I want in the body of the phone I wanted

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