iPhone SE 2020 or Galaxy S10 Lite – It’s Apple vs Samsung Again!!!

In this video we are going to compare the iPhone SE 2020 with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite to find out which device is the better buy for you guys.

The Galaxy S10 Lite and the iPhone SE 2020 are priced really close together at 43,999 and 42,500 respectively.

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29 Replies to “iPhone SE 2020 or Galaxy S10 Lite – It’s Apple vs Samsung Again!!!”

  1. Rohan

    And now that galaxy s10 lite becomes somewhat obselete from market while iPhone se will shine at least next 2 years with latest updates.
    Edit- I prefer Samsung over apple but I can’t stand with their shitty exynos.

  2. Kaustabh K

    Iphone anytime…ios plus video quality plus software security plus wireless charging plus dust water proof plus software back up plus chipset. Battery back up of samsung will last same as iphone ..reasons – huge phone and screens draws battery faster than small screen and in Android lot of ads and unnecessary apps run behind the screen which is not the case with iphone. Plus ios optimization is better than Android and not to forget the A13 bionic. Good luck.

  3. SMS 2000

    Hi I was actually having a confusion on which one to buy. Should I go for the iPhone se(will buy a powerbank too) or should I go for the Samsung galaxy s10 lite?

  4. Kalung Tony

    I am iPhone se user. Plz don’t buy. Don’t even think of buying. Go for Samsung s10 lite. Don’t regret. A13 haha ? no use in old phone engine.

  5. SMS 2000

    I'm having a doubt as to which of these phones to buy. One side you have Samsung coming with an aggressive price and an S pen and many features, but the problem is it runs on the Exynos processor which is not good at managing power, and almost all the previous Samsung phones and tabs I used, started to hang pathetically,after a few months of use. On the other side you have Apple iPhone SE which offers a way stronger A13 bionic and the iOS, with iOS 14, the features have ramped up, esp the security feature which is great, but the pricing is way off and the battery is literally a joke.
    Would have gone for OP8, but that's a Chinese brand, so meh.

  6. Ashish Raj

    iPhone se 2020 is small but is far better than Samsung s10 lite. If snapdragon 855 is a lion ? then mind it A13 bionic chip is Spinosaurus ?..

  7. Madan Adhikari

    Really nice information full information provided in details. I am a big apple fan but in this price segment Samsung gives lots of features and all… but in Apple what i liked most is product Red Design and big apple logo in center and dual sim in Apple that's enough i think. but still m confused between apple vs Samsung lite 10.

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