iPhone SE (2020): Pros & Cons!

The 2020 iPhone SE is Apple’s newest entry into the “budget” smartphone market. But it has a lot of Pros & Cons that come with it.

In this video, I break down the iPhone SE 2 piece by piece, in order for you to make the most informed purchase decision! And also to answer this question: Does it live up to the legacy of the original iPhone SE?

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Lightning 6ft:
Lightning to USB-C:





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35 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020): Pros & Cons!”

  1. Jayden Mayer

    This is by far not an accurate video of the new SE. Battery life is just fine throughout the day, I’ve been up and on my phone since 8am and it’s now almost 1pm and my battery has gone down 10%. The cameras are fine. It’s a $400 iPhone, and for the price it’s a really really good phone. I mean you get what you pay for, can’t keep comparing it to the 11 or 12

  2. Ole marlese

    Which screen protector did you put on? It seems hard to find one that doesn’t have the halo effect because of the round edges and that they’re not specifically designed for the SE but for iPhone 7&8 and there seems to be a slight difference in the front glass edges.

  3. gigi

    see i’ve had my eye on this phone since it came out. i feel like it’s a great phone that i’m saving up for. anybody reccomending anything else? im using and iphone 6 rn thanks! 😊

  4. David E. Vogel

    Just ordered a iPhone SE (2020) today from Consumer Cellular for $250. This is my first smart phone. Yes I know. I am 10 years behind phone technology. Not the latest and greatest, but a step-up from my no wi-fi flip open phone.

  5. x0tiicYT

    Honestly, idc how big it bc I’m using an iPad rn. I’d rather have a smaller phone but if I’m fine w/ an iPad, I should be fine with any phone

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