iPhone SE (2020) Review: It All Adds Up!

iPhone SE might be the most important thing Apple’s made this year.
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36 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020) Review: It All Adds Up!”

  1. Cryptic Ice

    It’s actually Quite Good, It makes me feel nostalgic. I do miss the Iphone 7 2 camera design but i’m not complaining. The camera quality is still good enough for insta photos, Etc. So quality is good

  2. Raph John

    Ive always been an apple user. I just switched to android a couple years back because I couldn't afford a damn iphone lol but I am saving up to get the se, cant wait to go back to iphones

  3. David Christenson

    Platinum_hack on ¡nstågräm is the best plug 🔌 when it comes to iOS devices sales.. I bought my new iPhone 11 pro from them at a very cheaper rate.. they're fast, secure and reliable 💯

  4. Nickle Pickle

    The iPhone SE is an amazing deal in the US compared to Sweden. In Sweden, the iPhone SE is the equivalent of $630 and that's for the base model with 64gb.

  5. Manny M.

    5.4'' iPhone 12 will sell like crazy. If battery is an issue, buy a damn smart battery case. Most who buy SE won't even use up the battery all day with their usage. Sandisk 1Tb storage might also help

  6. Richard Ojeda

    This was the perfect phone for me. I’ve been an android person since 2012. Barely in 2020, I became a first time iPhone user. From experience, Androids lag quite a bit, so I opted for an iPhone. I was shopping between the XR and the 11. I can afford the iPhone 11 but I can definitely use that money more wisely since I’m just a young adult. The screen size of the SE was kind of worrying at first, but you get accustomed to the screen size. Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S7, I forgot how comfortable it was to have a smaller phone in your pocket. I keep my cellphones for a long time so I say it was a great investment to have the latest technology to last me well into the future.

  7. Joshua Merwine

    my iphone 10 just got the black screen of death.. my iphones die every year before the new release comes out. ii might just buy this until the iPhone 12 is released

  8. wayne sudama

    I've had my SE 2020 for a few months now, I switched from Android, and I love the phone. There's a few things I miss about Android but I'm glad I switched

  9. Pe Peroni

    As an all out Android user, i admit that this is the very first iPhone that seriously got my attention…i still think for the price range (at least where i live) you can get better Android phones, but hey, if the Apple system is your thing, this phone seems to be killer…

  10. The Attention Wanting Dude

    I am currently trying to convince my mother to not get me this phone, I had the first SE as my first phone and I did NOT like it wayyy too small for me right now I have a 7 and I’m upgrading to hopefully a Xr or 11, guess my family just doesn’t know the disadvantages of having the budget iPhone

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