iPhone SE (2020) – Three Months Later

The iPhone SE for 2020 is the least expensive new iPhone to launch in a long time. The 2020 iPhone SE gives you the latest specs in a familiar size, keeps the home button, has a great camera and will support iOS 14 and beyond. In this video I go over the iPhone SE after 3 months or 90 days later. #iPhone SE #iOS14 #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Price
01:14 – Design and upgrading
02:04 – Sim card options
02:39 – Durability
02:55 – Water resistance
03:37 – Display
04:11 – Display specs
04:22 – 1080P youtube videos
04:46 – Speakers
05:07 – Performance
05:41 – How long will iPhone SE get updates?
06:25 – Camera
08:07 – Battery life
09:11 – Should you buy iPhone SE?
10:20 – Haptic Touch
10:41 – Wallpaper
10:54 – Outro
11:14 – End
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33 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020) – Three Months Later”

  1. zollotech

    Which iPhone re you using? iPhone SE 2 or the 2020 iPhone SE is the least expensive iPhone with the latest A13 CPU. In this video I review the iPhone SE after it has been out for 3 months.

  2. KevKev

    I have this phone in white. Went from my old 6S to this and honestly, it is the best upgrade I’ve ever did. Definitely worth the wait from  for this

  3. H Hh

    For $400 less than the 11, and $650 less than the 11 pro. This is perfect. I'm not spending more than double for a little better battery

  4. Gareth J

    finally a review that makes sense. all these channels are like "yeah its good… butttt the camera isnt quite as good or the battery doesnt last as long". like cmon now. your talking £700 difference, i would rather pocket that with the se 2020 rather than have a 11. i got this phone after being stuck on a 5s (yeah IK my old OG se broke had to use 5s as a temp solution) and i am in LOVE with it, its so fast, so smooth and feels enjoyable to use which is nice. this phone is also good for parents. if they have a few children they can get them this phone and not only is it not too expensive for them compared to a 11 but it will last years.

  5. James Hendricks

    My whole life I have been an Android user. I have been wanting to switch to Apple, but could not afford it. I got tired of Google’s BS. I traded my Samsung Galaxy S10 plus in on it at Best Buy and only paid $165 for it. Best decision I have made. Love this phone.

  6. Harry Zain

    5 years from now, this iPhone will still work as it should. I cannot say the same for most androids. I know this because my iPhone6 which has passes to my daughter still works the same. I cannot say the same for my Note10 which Im using now, because I had a Note5 which now resides in my drawer.

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