iPhone SE 2020 "Unboxing and First Impressions"

iPhone SE 2020 “Unboxing and First Impressions”
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5W Charger Included ***

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35 Replies to “iPhone SE 2020 "Unboxing and First Impressions"”

  1. condor198364

    I like your review😹 I just bought this peasant phone, used 4 months old, mint condition 128 GB for $300. I could have bought the 12 pro max, almost did, but I all of a sudden didn’t feel like spending over 1k🤔

  2. Bonnie Burton

    Just get the iphone 10 or se i’ll go to Walmart and get Don’t care and other places there’s people that won’t even eat tonight Or just get a tablet

  3. Anthony Jacobs

    Great video. Very honest. However, this is the perfect for me upgrading from an iphone 5s in the year 2020. Had I not been given the 5s I would probably still have a flip phone Not a big phone person. Like the small size. Fits my usage perfectly.

  4. Ariel Nunez

    One thing I hate about the iPhone SE instead of using an iPhone 8 for SE they should’ve used at least an iPhone X in my opinion. Who else agree??

  5. KingJoker 910

    I’m getting the iPhone se 2nd gen soon for 199$ I can’t afford 500$ or up definitely not gonna spend 1,000$ or more that’s fucking ridiculous to spend that money on a phone

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