iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing || Lara

hi, how you doin?

so i ordered this phone on my birthday (27th of June) and it arrived at the 27th of July. exactly one month !!

buy the iPhone:

i got one with 128 gigabytes and the color white.

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comment down below if you want me to do a what’s on my iPhone video !!

𝓜𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓬 :

[From the Studio Ghibli Movies]

From up on Poppy Hill; Sayonara no Natsu

Spirited Away; Summer’s Day // Jinsang

love you, muah

~ cool gaming channel

thank you so much for watching. stay safe !

23 Replies to “iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing || Lara”

  1. randomEn

    does it overheat while playing roblox no sun Because I have a like A thing blocking the sun And I mostly just use it for chatting with my friends as imma get a monitor but just in case

  2. Berrie

    I’ve got a 6s right now and I knew I would need to upgrade soon I just wasn’t sure to what. My friends actually has this same phone and I like it so I think this will be my choice. Btw great video very aesthetic !

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