iPhone SE (2020) Unboxing & Review: Flagship Killer?

While the Android world sees smartphone prices sky rocketing, Apple is swimming against the tide releasing its most affordable iPhone ever!

In our iPhone SE Unboxing & Review I’ll tell you why you need to look past its “old” exterior, and why this phone is most likely the most important device of 2020.

Also watch our iPhone SE vs Pixel 3a head-to-head here:



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28 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020) Unboxing & Review: Flagship Killer?”

  1. Fursty

    I am an android person but instagram stories on an iphone is sooooo much better. I also never looked good on android cameras but when taking photos on my friend's iphone i look 100x better so yeaa iphone it is

  2. Modox

    Why are some people whining about SE battery? Do they expect a high capacity battery in such a thin small body of SE? Is it that common nowadays to have a high capacity battery in such thin small body? Seriously?

  3. Shovan Mondal

    Brother, I want to take an iPhone SE 2020. I talked to a seller in Bangladesh. He said that, he would give New Box intact iPhone. When I wanted to know. Is it inactive, then he said "these are active. When we buy these from outside, they become auto-activated by online or purchase date". Now it would be okay to take it. Or I should avoid ?

  4. 713gizmo

    I took the plunge from switching from android to ios and decided to get the iphone se as my starter because I wasn’t willing to spend way more than that just in case I didn’t like it but my experience right now is not regrettable.

  5. David Fernandez Ortiz

    Watching on my iPhone SE. I was using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and sold it for Black Friday because I purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, it’s been a month and it has not been delivered yet, therefore I am using my secondary phone (an IPhone SE 2020). I’m pretty impressed and happy with it so I will maybe just stick to it and cancel the order of the 12 Pro Max.

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