iPhone SE (2020) vs Pixel 4a: Ultimate Value Phone Showdown 2.0

The Pixel 4a is finally here and it comes with an attractive new price tag! At $350 its now $50 less than the iPhone SE. So as promised here is an updated head-to-head video. Can the Pixel 4a compete with the iPhone SE? Which phone comes on top! This is out iPhone SE (2020) vs Pixel 4A match up!


00:00 Intro
01:33 ROUND 1: Built Well, Looks Good
02:47 ROUND 2: Crisp, Bright & Vibrant Display
05:11 ROUND 3: Battery Life & Charging
06:06 ROUND 4: Performance (Gaming + Multitasking)
07:18 ROUND 5: Great Photos & Videos
11:14 ROUND 6: Secure Fast & Reliable Biometrics
11:52 ROUND 7: Intuitive Software
12:57 ROUND 8: Price
13:03 Tally of Scores
13:50 Optionals Checklist


WATCH @The Tech Chap’s Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs OnePlus Nord in-depth camera comparison:




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38 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020) vs Pixel 4a: Ultimate Value Phone Showdown 2.0”

  1. Shaun SR Wong

    iPhone SE missed beating the Pixel 4a because of ONE thing: battery life.

    The battery life might make it now, but since you'd like to keep your iPhone for 5 years to reap all the iOS update benefits, the battery would not serve you very well down the road.

  2. Phoenix King

    The dated se with the big ass bezels, poor screen % won the design round ?

    This review is biased

    What about storage ?

    Pixel has twice for 50 less

    I still liked for the vid quality, despite the bias

  3. Rami Rasikh

    It's REALY TOUGH choice!! I have been an Android user since 2014, Galaxy S4 & S5 to be exact. I take photos, selfies a lot. Download videos and trimming them or create some videos with video editing apps, that's my main use of the phone. And every phone I had, got laggy over the time, not necessarily with the software upgrades, it just got laggy. And this is my concern with the 4A, how long will it last without lagging with the current software??


    I have a Google Pixel 4a. For the first time in my life I truly love my smartphone. The Pixel and the iPhone will always be neck and neck, but I will always be loyal to the Pixel.

  5. Tom Grace

    I've got both phones. SE for video, IP rating and wireless charging but Pixel for everything else. Brilliant camera and screen and it's quicker on a day to day basis despite the SE chip.

  6. Daniel Flores

    Coming from someone who owns the pixel 3a and the Se2, it's no debate, even the pixel 3a Is slightly better. Of course the pixel 4a is the better phone hands down and I really like the se2

  7. HoliestDoughnut

    Basically it comes down to whether you want an android or an iphone. Just know if you go with the iphone that you beed to be prepared to compromise in basically every key aspect of the phone with lower storage, a screen from 2010, a worse camera, an outdated design, a far worse battery (this guy is losing it by saying the iphone is just as good in this regard), no headphone jack, and the fact that after buying the fast charger that doesn't ship with the phone you are going to spend a minimum of $90 more for it.

    I am not gonna lie I am extremely triggered by how people always make these 2 phones seem comparable because "errr da iphone has wireless charging, a glass back, IP rating, and a faster processor!" Great, the average person will simply not notice the processor as Android 10 runs like a breeze on the Pixel 4a due to optimization but to be fair, I guess that is a genuine benefit. Then again, you'll be using that processor on Steve Job's very own baby screen from 2010 so who tf cares. You'll probably only notice this if you do heavy gaming on your phone, and if you often do heavy gaming on your phone, I have to ask: WHY???? Such a sad way to game given how small and shitty that screen is. Other than that, WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT A GLASS BACK WHEN YOUR PHONE LOOKS LIKE IT'S 10 YEARS OLD, not only that but glass doesn't neccesarily look better since the glossy back of the iphone collects insane amounts of fingerprints unlike a certain matte black phone I know, and when like 80% of people slap a case over it any way that does. not. matter. If you make a toilet out of gold it's still a toilet. Wireless charging and IP ratings are also genuine benefits until you come to the realization that 99.9% of the time you simply will not use these features. Wireless charging sucks compared to wired charging, people only like it for the aesthetic, lets be honest.

    The Pixel 4a is a minimalist's dream phone. It cuts all the fancy crap out and provides you with all of the basics at an insanely high level for the price. I enjoy mine much more then my previous phone, a Galaxy S8 flagship. Reviewers like this guy are enthusiasts and make a big deal out of stuff 95% of people shouldn't actually care about.

    But if you are an ios person for life, get the iphone! Still a great phone for the price. I genuinely don't understand why people think they need to spend $800 on a flagship when these phones exist. There is an argument to be made that the Pixel 4a would be just as useful for the average person as the iphone 12. Like 90% of the population should have THESE phones, flagships are really only neccesary for enthusiasts now.

  8. The Matt

    I like them both but the iPhone will still be a decent phone after 3+ years, despite the shitty battery life. The google phone will be shite in 2023.

  9. nikhilck

    Your're more likely to get a defective pixel than a defective iphone. Also, the iphone is going to outlast the pixel in terms of support and repairs.

  10. Anthony Fortin

    I currently have an iPhone and I still have to say that the Pixel 4a is by far superior to the iPhone SE. You really seemed biased towards the iPhone even if clearly isn't a better value…
    Also, it seems impossible that the iPhone has a superior battery since I have the same in my iPhone 8 and it barely lasts 2 hours under more demanding tasks like watching YouTube. I even had to change my battery twice under warranty at Apple since it's utter crap.

  11. K H

    "Specs does not matter", few seconds later "performance round goes to SE because of specs" πŸ˜€ Pixel 4a is faster with daily tasks even with lower specs on almost every review yet you insist to edit a video on phone to prove your point. Same goes with battery and camera which is better on Pixel 4a over SE in almost every review (btw you didn't mentioned SE can't shoot night photos AT ALL and bokeh is flat as hell). Software for 5 years? Show me one person who hold on to his/her phone for 5 years -this 1400 battery won't last long after 3 years of using phone on daily basis to edit videos πŸ˜‰ Don't produce in your review
    laboratory conditions which don't match daily usage of the phone just to prove your point. Try not to be bias, thanks.

  12. Gi B

    Actual Owners: I like my phone πŸ™‚
    Comments here: That Phone SUCKS!! IT IS STAGED!! SCRIPTED!! BIASED!! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!

  13. Matt Sanchez

    I own both of these phones, the SE is my work phone. I never use the SE except to check email and answer work calls, it’s not practical for anything else because of the tiny LCD screen

  14. Sean Wilson

    Dude imagine the kind of person to still have a smartphone with a forehead and chin in 2025. 10 year old design still getting software updates. I just wonder what the phones of 2025 will even be like to compare to the SE 2020.

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