iPhone SE (2020) Vs Samsung Galaxy S10! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone SE 2 just got released, so let’s go ahead and compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S10!

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36 Replies to “iPhone SE (2020) Vs Samsung Galaxy S10! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. Sean S.

    The reason why the Galaxy S10 lost more than half it’s value in a years time is because it’s from a cheap company. Samsung completely failed with their flip phones, the software updates are a complete joke and they won’t be able to give these phones away next year. Apple phones always retain their resale value longer.

  2. Alphacool7

    So stick with note 10 plus 512gb 5g model with 60gb data at £69/month or get iPhone se2020 128gb with 50gb data for £32/month? I dont care about iOS or Android, both are becoming very similar. Anyone that has used note 10 plus knows it is extremely hard to give it up. Advice Fliptronics …. and everyone else!!!???

  3. Kashif Usman

    Samsung fones look way better than Apple iPhones only thing which Samsung lacks is iOS. Android look and very buggy… I owned iphone from very 1st iPhone reason is iOS. Google needs to improve Android

  4. J Z

    Trade in my S10 and the iPhone SE is 190USD for 64gb version and 50 bucks more for comparable 128gb… should I upgrade?

  5. jacob piña

    Reason why I would get the se is because I’m not tech genius but the SE would get iOS updates for yrs to come security updates ..so it would not bug out like the galaxy

  6. Mzwandile Harmans

    SE2 is far way powerful than s10 and has more than double the life of s10. Even though s10 has more options and features, it becomes frustrating as it approaches 2 years and SE will be smooth and fast for a whooping 5 years. Note8 was my last Android. If I go back to android it will be oneplus but I don’t see that happening with iPhones being so efficient, effective, reliable and accurate no sorry Sammy. SE2 could have had better battery life, it’s built to be a badger phone so sacrifices

  7. Sniuchi

    My main reason I buy iphones for me and my wife is the fact that I can repair it for cheap(diy guy),now we are stuck with an iPhone 7 each,I can replace the screen for 30$ the battery for about 20$ all the other components are also cheap and uses little glue.

    An oled display on a s8 cost about 100/150$ and is very hard to do the job,lots of glue on an s10 the price starts at 150$ for an oled display and good luck finding one that is good quality.
    The SE is the same format as my 7 so it would be an upgrade without having to get a quite larger and heavier phone,but for most people it is in fac a downgrade from other phones,it really depends on what are your needs and how much money you want to spend

  8. Marc Niño Christopher Ocampo

    Hello Alpaca thank you for that very good information that you have given and share to us. Iam your fan I watched you videos in youtube and I am amazed of your effort and i thank you for that. When i need to know comparing device I know what youtube channel to Choose and this is the right one. Hope I can win the Iphone SE 2 cause its my dream to have an iphone someday. 😊😃


  9. Rado Yuras

    Apple fans so salty lol, the phones are now around the same price. I’d say the iPhone is probably gonna be more expensive than the s10 in my country

  10. Sean C

    Headphone jack and One UI. Those 2 alone trash iOS. Then you have a better display with very minimal bezels. Not even a comparison.

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