iPhone SE Battery Life Test vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs Galaxy S10 vs S10e!

The iPhone SE battery drain test is here! We compare the new iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10e. Which one gets the win? And how good is the battery on the new iPhone SE?

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40 Replies to “iPhone SE Battery Life Test vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs Galaxy S10 vs S10e!”

  1. Md warιѕ

    I think you should change the way you do battery drain test.
    Nobody is going to use these as your showing.
    Do more of a practical test like do all of these test one by one for some hours . Then compare all of these devices

  2. tarun kumar

    I just wish Samsung release successor of S10e as S20e with camera system as S20 , 90 hz display, 3500 mAh battery, 6/128 GB and at price of S20 FE or even below. That would blow my mind

  3. Fabio Prado Lima -

    For people who like to post Instagram Stories video in Full HD iPhone is the right choice. If I try to upload a full hd video from my S10+ to my ig stories it'll only upload as crappy 480×908 and sometimes 720×1360 and not 1080×1920 (full hd), which seems like only iphones can, maybe because supposely Apple pays for this exclusivity. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ The Galaxy S10+ was launched with a native camera integration with Instagram app, even the Instagram CEO was in the stage of the Samsung event, but, guess whath, even with that, after upload, no full hd. What a mess.

  4. Tamirez Natividade

    Hey just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it and He died for our sins so that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life in Him <3

  5. Vidyasagar

    I start my day at 6:30 in the morning with a 100%, will watch YouTube for 30 min, then music for 1hr… Rest of the day will be in standby… Then will use WhatsApp and Twitter at 12:10 to 12:50… Again standby until 4:00, with data off… Music for 1hr and YouTube 30 min at 6:00…will reach home at 8:00
    Will it last my day…?
    Anyone with this iPhone, please help me…

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