iPhone SE iOS 12 vs iOS 11.4.1- Is iOS 12 Really Any Faster???

iPhone SE iOS 12 vs iOS 11.4.1!!! Is There Really Much Difference In Speed???
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16 Replies to “iPhone SE iOS 12 vs iOS 11.4.1- Is iOS 12 Really Any Faster???”

  1. Hezy

    Have you ever tested to play "heavy" game (like PUBG Mobile) for an hour or until the match is over and compare the temperature?

  2. JJ king

    I was just watching a speed test between the SE and the iPhone X on YouTube and the SE pretty much kept up with the X, and one app it loaded about 7 seconds faster then the X lol. Crazy just how good the SE is, I mean it's 1/10th of the price of the X just about and can hold it's ground with the higher end newer iPhones. And as a bonus it still has a headphone jack lol

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