iPhone SE: Lifelong Android User vs iPhone Fanboy 🔥🔥🔥

iPhone SE price in 2020 in India is Rs. 42,500 for the 64GB variant. Should you pay this much for a smartphone that has old design with new hardware? That’s a debate we’ve been having at Gadgets 360. Lifelong Android user Aditya Shenoy takes on iPhone fanboy Pranay Parab in this video. Who won this Android vs iPhone debate? Whose side are you on? Let us know via the comments.

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44 Replies to “iPhone SE: Lifelong Android User vs iPhone Fanboy 🔥🔥🔥”

  1. Walter James

    You're such a great team I have watched all your cellphones reviews videos and I choose you between other review channels because this is the English I understand not that rubbish American accent that I don't really like

  2. Chetna Sharma

    Sir plz mujhe ye btao ki Meri photos Jo ki Google photos app m thi vo vapis a skti h ya nhi kyuki mera phon reset hogya tha isliye sb delete hogyi h or Maine backup bhi nhi Kia hua tha plzzz agr koi option h toh btado…..it's urgent

  3. Rohit Gowaikar

    Imagine your car's engine can top 200 kmph (best processor available out there), but the tyres are rated only for upto 140 kmph (small screen, battery etc). That's how I feel about this phone. Some people will like this limitation, others will want more. There are certainly comparable/better options available out there (like OP7t, 8) – even from apple (XR) IMO. You REALLY have to be a fan of the 4.7 inch display to buy this phone at this cost. Else, this is basically the iphone 6 design – without the heahphone jack and 3d touch (although it's IP67 rated, and has glass body). This can be a good backup phone, but I would never consider this to be my primary phone.

  4. Anupam Bahl

    iPhone se is not value for money in 2020 – even though I am typing this on iPhone 7. Sub full HD screen, big bezels, poor refresh rate (relative) and battery life is not great

  5. md najib

    The phone still makes sense at $399, it's hard to find Android phone which has IP67 rating & Wireless charging function. The only flagship level android phone that comes close to the 'premium compact flagship' level as the iPhone SE is Huawei P30.

    But at $550, you must be crazy to buy this in India.

  6. Bilal Yussuf

    Rs. 42,500 is very expensive in this price we get Mi 10 Pro that has very thing flagship, maybe when Apple makes iPhone SE in India will be more cheap.

  7. Bombay Trollz

    Fandroid vs isheep..
    I'm in team Adi.. though I'm not any fanboi, just cos I like Adi.. but apart from pixel 3a der r bunch of phones out der.
    Slow charging sucks nd that tiny battery big no no. No expandable storage nd only hd screen nd dat too 4.7".
    I'll buy s10e instead it got 5.8" super amoled display, flexible cameras, a headphone jack, expandable storage, ip 68 nd 15w wired+Qi, quality back cover nd akg headphones in d box.. nd so handy.

  8. Tabodo Turbo

    It's a big fail for Indian market bcz of its price, its cost more than 40k in India where as in USA is 400 USD which is about 30k, soo it's overpriced iphone XR is a better deal

  9. Nikhil KV

    I completely agree with Adithya. Hey apple fan, what will yo do with the tiny screen and older design with single cam on 2020. And you said about the software support. Yes you get more software support on iPhone than Android. What If iPhone stops the support?? You have to throw the phone right 😂😂😂
    But in case of android most of the phone that in this price range have good software support. If it expires we can install custom ROM on it. If you use your android carefully you can use it for 4-5 years easily

  10. Clement's Tech

    Gadget 360
    se has loat of advantages over pixel 3a , yah design is love it or hate it i agree..
    iphone se is a better value than pixel 3a
    *A13 chip is legues faster than ,pixel chip
    *pixel has oled display but iphone se has brighter display 600 nits compared to 332nits on pixel, and iphone se has 100% p3 colour gamaut pixel3 not ,se also has dolby vision
    *Iphone has WIRELESS charging
    *iphone se support dual sim with e sim, pixel cant
    *plastic may ne durable but iphone se has premium fell because of glass build
    *iphone se has water resistanceip 67
    *Iphone se uses nvme storage that is way faster than usfs in android
    *iphone se has wifi 6 ,pixel lacks ,
    * Iphone has better dynamic range and sharper photos than pixel 3a better of 2nd gen smart hdr same as iphone 11
    *Iphone take panorama in 63 mp compared to 5mp on pixel 3a ,.
    *portrait mode with depth control
    *Iphone has stabilisation for time lapse ,pixel cant
    *Iphone has better slow mo 1080p 240 compared to 720 p 240 in pixel
    *Iphone can record video in sterio audio, pixel cant
    *Iphone has 4k 24fps cinematic video, pixel cant
    *Iphone can do 4k 60 fps with eis stabilisation and extended dynamic range in 30 fps pixel cant even do
    Overall iphone has better camera …
    *PIXEL ADVANTAGE IS NIGHT MODE,headphone jack,

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