iPhone SE vs 11 vs XR – All of the Hidden Differences!

You saw the specs, but now let’s take a closer look at the iPhone SE and compare it to the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR!
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In this video, we compare the 2020 iPhone SE 4.7″ to Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone XR and we look at all of the differences, some of which will surprise you!

RED Differences – 00:51
Touch ID vs Face ID – 01:26
Displays & UI – 02:03
Speaker Comparison – 03:30
Camera Bumps – 04:55
Photo Comparison – 06:32
Software – 07:33
Processors – 08:23
Performance – 09:08
Battery Life – 09:48
Verdict! – 10:17

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44 Replies to “iPhone SE vs 11 vs XR – All of the Hidden Differences!”

  1. Jack P-W

    you had low power mode on the XR during the geekbench which really hinders performance. although even without low power mode it would not have beat the other two.

  2. Talitemjen Imchen

    If you don’t have much concern about using ID for security then use passcode for the XR and 11 in lieu of Face ID while wearing a mask. SE 2020 will have a minimum onscreen time of 3-4 hours and may not run all day unless you’re a light user. The main factors people should look in iDevice are Power, Speed, and the battery. Camera and Display depends on personal choice.

  3. VomPid

    I had and iphone 6s and updated to the iphone se2020 and i really miss the 3d touch for multitasking just swiping through the apps with a hard press its slower with the double tab to get to the multitasking but i guess ill have to grt used to it:/

  4. Colby Durant

    Max Tech: Grab your best pair of headphones…
    Me: Reaches over and grabs galaxy buds live
    My cousin: Grabs his corded dollar store headphones
    Me: Laughing at him till I hyperventilate and die
    My cousin: Burring me in the back yard and takes my galaxy buds

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