iPhone SE vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 — Buy This One!

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Apple’s got a brand new iPhone SE and it starts at just $399. That’s way less than any of the current flagships, including the iPhone 11 at $699, and even the previous generation iPhone XR at $599.

But, as anyone who watches this channel knows, price isn’t the same as value. So, if you really do need to buy a new iPhone right now, now, now, which new iPhone will be the best value for YOU?



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24 Replies to “iPhone SE vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 — Buy This One!”

  1. Sakhawat Rahman

    Remember back when all the android fans were saying that Apple is overpriced.
    Now the Samsung S21 Ultra is going to be $1200 without a charger (to be fair it’s a very good phone).

  2. connectorxp

    Just bought the 11 to replace a failing and abused X, I was pondering for the SE because of its size and price. But the lack of night mode and returning to the fingerprint sensor and my dry skin issues associated with it, made me chose the other modeI. love my 11. I see the rumors for 12 but I want to return to LCD for as much as possible as my X was riddled with that green stripe on the screen. Regarding cases, for the 11 I bought a Lunatik Taktik case that saved a work 6s from many mishaps.

  3. Pranav Sachdeva

    The video doesn’t even mention the most major difference between SE vs XR/11 which is the screen size. Having bigger screen size in XR/11 makes it a much better buy since 4.7 inch SE is not suited for modern day tasks. And despite having only 4.7 inch, it is still not small in hands since it has a bad screen to body ratio. So SE phone is simply not worth it in 2020

  4. The Hangout Podcast

    I think they should of rethink the name of the iPhone SE. I personally would’ve preferred it if they called it “iPhone classic”. I think that name is more catchy and symbolic.

  5. Max Prime

    Just got the se2 in 256g yesterday. My approach, simple…the smallest phone offered/available. Coming from a 8plus. I’ve had it with that brick

  6. jankerson1

    The internal hardware is not the same between the SE and 11, not even really close. If people use something other than Geekbench to test or compare, I am talking about benchmarks that are actually accurate and consistent. Good tests like 3DMARK and Antutu are much more accurate and consistent than Geekbench ever was or is. They also really highlight the real differences because they really do push the hardware. A benchmark that doesn't push the hardware isn't really all that useful. Running the other tests the differences in the hardware does show up and it's not just ram either. There are some rather large differences in performance between the SE and 11. However we are talking about smart phones here and not high end gaming PC's so there is that. That may change however in the future though the way things are going. The PC type benchmark developers may start to do more for Tablets and Smart Phones as things progress.

  7. Hal Howell

    At $199 the SE is a fantastic small phone. In fact, it makes a great wallet phone that’s convenient to carry. No, it doesn’t have Night Mode but NeuralCam gives the same capability for $3! It’s not meant to compete against the larger phones. Try comparing it to it’s intended competition. I retired my XS for size and convenience (not to mention price!). I put the SE in a 12South wallet case and it fits very nicely in the tech pocket of my Wrangler Cargo pants. And THAT is with cards and IDs in the pockets of the wallet. It still fits very well in my hands and while it’s not going to be my prime camera (I have a Canon SX 620 HS for that) it can still take very good quality photos. It may LOOK dated BUT inside it’s the Incredible Hulk! It looks expensive but it’s very affordable (I got mine for the incredible price of $199 from Walmart & AT&T on launch day ( that deal is still available)). It’s also the guilt free iPhone! There’s no having to jump through hoops trying to justify buying it. Try explaining to your wife why you NEED a $1,000 -$1,500 iPhone. Go ahead, I'll wait! Now to be sure, my wife did think I was a little bonkers for buying it at first, but since it was easy to pay off, she hasn’t said a word about it. So stop trying to compare it to iPhones twice it’s price and a third bigger. It was aimed at people who wanted or needed to upgrade to a more modern iPhone or for anyone who wanted to escape the Android world for a low entry price. The SE stands on its own. It’s not for tech head Ansel Adams wannabes who are willing to sacrifice their first born to Apple to be 'cool'. I did that with the 8+ and XS. No more! After the iPhone 6-8, I have no idea what Apple will use as a base for the SE3 if you want a small iPhone. Maybe we’ll see the ‘OLD' form continued. What I wish Apple would do, is make a stainless steel frame version. That would be great!

  8. MyVideoMix

    ✅ More Cameras & Nightmode.
    ❌ Worried flickering OLED will hurt my eyes.

    ✅ Bezels & Touch ID.
    ✅ No gestures to learn.
    ✅ LCD Screen.
    ❌ Camera close enough to great, but want the very best for family photos.

  9. Fairuz Salamat

    Hi there Rene, I have been following you for quite a while and never did subscribed to your channel. However, after this review, I pretty sure I am sold. Anyway, thanks for the review. It really enlightens me on a few things.

    I am an iPhone 11 user and am considering the the iPhone SE as my daily driver. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my employers encouraged us employee to conduct our meetings with our clients and internal meeting via online application such as Cisco Webex and MS Teams.

    Hence, with this new way of doing things due to the pandemic, the usage of my iPhone is not as heavy as I have anticipated when I got my iPhone 11. Also, there is one time in bed when I wanted to use my iPhone 11 using 1 hand and it slipped and hit on my face. Man, that really hurt.

    Actually your review and comparison here does really help me a lot. Frankly, I am an avid or pro for the biometric finger ID. I find it really assuring and safe. I admit that sometimes it is such a hassle especially when your fingers are moist or dirty but with the "new normal" (as my Prime Minister has put it) we will constantly keeping our hands clean and dry all time time.

    The usage of 1 hand is a practise that I seem can't hardly part. I have been using the iPhone since iPhone 4 and never did before bought and use the Plus or Max version. I find it to big to put in my pants and way too long for it to charged.

    However, battery is 1 aspect of an iPhone that really matters to me. I do need a phone that could last me the entire day. Once I bought and use the iPhone 8, and man was I really disappointed. the battery can last me throughout the business day and I need to charge my phone in my car at the end of business when driving home.

    Anyway, again thanks for the review and comparison. I will most definitely consider to get myself an iPhone SE 2020. Also, I will checkout the Skillshare. Looking forward to your next video.

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