iPhone SE vs Pixel 4a – Best Budget Smartphone in 2020?

We compare EVERYTHING between Google’s new Pixel 4a smartphone for $349 and Apple’s iPhone SE for $399 to find out which Phone YOU Should Buy in 2020!
We would actually buy this one ➡

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Google has JUST released their Pixel 4a smartphone, and it’s looking like a KILLER budget phone for the low $349 price!

It comes with a very nice OLED display, a fingerprint sensor on the back, a headphone jack, great speakers and more!

We compare it to Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE to see which one is the better value and which one you should buy in 2020!


Timestamps ⬇️
Introduction – 00:00
Build Quality & Design – 0:47
Touch ID Differences – 3:05
Display Quality Comparison – 3:37
Speaker Comparison – 4:36
Performance Comparison – 5:58
Camera Comparison – 8:06
The VERDICT – 10:36

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29 Replies to “iPhone SE vs Pixel 4a – Best Budget Smartphone in 2020?”

  1. Drishtant Rai

    I am gonna spoil the blind camera test , so before pressing read more go watch it…..





    Pixel 4a destroyed se and it was just vadim saying 4a in the video by a margin. Mine was 23 : 2 but vadim's was 20:5😂

  2. Pavao Mrazek

    Can I buy iPhone SE for primary and some cheap android for backup phone? I would use SE for main things like calls, messages and social media, and that android phone for youtube and games.

  3. jlmcgrot

    I like a lot of things about Android, but have serious hesitation about going back to it. Apple products just seem to work more consistently over their lifespan. Androids start off great, but always seem to get laggy.

  4. twitchster77

    I'm def. someone who keeps a phone for years. I'll be upgrading from an iPhone 5! lmao …I'm still not 100% sure which I'm going with yet. Leaning towards the iPhone SE.

  5. Sifat Alam

    Sir please donate me an ipad i need it very badly.I'm a big fan of Maxtech.I watch your every single video.Please sir donate me an ipad😢😢May god bless you.

  6. Karan

    Damn this is so biased towards Apple
    Guy is an Apple Fan
    Speakers sound better on Pixel
    Shots were clearly better on pixel
    Performance is not so bad as he’s saying
    And pixel can sustain 3 years very well

  7. Aditya Deshmukh

    Bruh, I just noticed that iPhone SE has really think notches and they look ugly… plus like I dont think iphone se is worth 400 dollars… just buy the google pixel 4a or a samsung one if you're looking for a middle ranged one… if you're looking for a premium one… buy a flagship iphone or Samsung

  8. alexchingtham

    F….. Put 1 GB ram on iPhone n say it has better optimization.. or think ur stomach has 1 kg recommend space n somehow it can it 1.5kg by optimizing. On the other hand my stomach has 2kg recommend n it can fit 2.5 kg so think which is better for storing more food. Fuck off pine phone.


    I want an iphone so bad but the display is not really that good and let's not even get to the battery. In terms of specs we can say the 4a is way better then the se but iphones are way more optomized for apps. What do I do now? 🙁

  10. Hari Pirakash J.

    Stock Andriod = iOs…… Both are best for PRIVACY AND SECURITY AND FOR SEAMLESS UPDATES….first of all people must know what is Andriod…….
    1) stock Andriod :::as like as iOs…..dessign by google for only google pixel like iphones…… They provide continous updates like iOs with best privacy and security
    2)andriod GO and Andriod ONE ::::: designed by mobile brands like oppo, Samsung ,mi , poco ,realme—– google is a open source they provide Andriod's basic codes to smartphone brand…. Brands customise in their own way of operating system like colour os, funtouch os, MIUI ,oxygen os etc…… So if u use above brands I mentioned (2) are not run by Andriod OS …they run by different OS with respect to their brands…..android version supports in that brands….. That's y u are not getting Andriod updates regularly like GOOGLE PIXEL ………
    Now I'm using pixel 1st model they released now it runs on Andriod 10 …..like iPhone 's iOs

    And everyone saying google is tracking us ….. Yes that's true but iPhones also track iphone users by their iOs community…. Both are tracking us for ur safety not stealing and selling our personal data…… People 1st understand this……. Security means which monitoring our devices by their community to update warn and keep our privacy safe as much as possible …….so stop blaming google and stock Andriod…. They are not stealing our data like iOs… But that (2) point I mentioned Andriod go and one version be aware of it bcoz Andriod support version only OS is run by brands they use…….
    ….so for privacy I suggest apple and google pixel phones only….. But are best for privacy and security and seamless updates…..

    Install certified apps from App Store and google play only ….not on oppo realme redmi and respecting their apps provided by brands

  11. rambo

    Ok imagine a toyota corolla and put a 1000 bhp Ferrari engine in it… that's iphone se, the seats and other internal arrangement won't benefit from 1000 hp engine but speed will be super fast and corolla in itself is a good car just not very fast

  12. Figy

    Wow… It's been 4 years since I thought of upgrading phones, I don't follow consumer trends for the "newest and best" but these 2 are at the top of my list. I don't have a preference I just want a good phone. I've been leaning toward the SE so far until this… I completely forgot apple removed the headphone jack, literally one of the stupidest decisions and I don't want to have to conform to apple to buy 20 adds on for a feature that should already be there. The blind camera test put me on the Pixel, thanks for the review.

  13. Nathan Ellett

    speaking of a long time im only upgrading right now from an iphone 6 right now, the se is going to be noticably better software wise, and on the hardware side its nearly identical so it just feels comfy to me. I do want to escape that apple bubble eventually, but rn i just cant stop appreciating the overall cleanness of its designs (especially the interfaces) that apple provides.

  14. Dominik Dumke

    sorry, but the Portrait Shots on a Pixel 4a looks terrible. Too much contrast and local contrasts. Go out for sports and take selfie’s of yourself. The skin looks uglier on a pixel 4a. Same problem in video and with my P30 Pro. That is the main reason why I took photos with my iPhone. The skin looks smoother and the contrast looks less hdr. I am sad that you and your brother got no eye on this topic. Even in the other video with camera comparison. @max tech

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