iPhone Tips & Tricks Using the New iPhone XS or XS Max

Here are some iPhone tips and tricks you can use with your new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. If you want to learn how to use the iPhone XS, these tips will show you some cool features and settings that will help you get the most of your new iPhone. These iPhone XS tips and tricks or iPhone XS Max tips and tricks can be applied to any iOS device that is running at least Apples iOS 12. A lot can be used with iPads as well.

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38 Replies to “iPhone Tips & Tricks Using the New iPhone XS or XS Max”

  1. Jameel Khan

    I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi even Wi-Fi not working l used I'm so board i buy 5000 saudi riyal but I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi please don't buy iPhone xs max

  2. Chubs 70126

    Thank you! I switched from an android to the xs max and every video I have come across so far, they talk so fast it’s hard to keep up. Excellent video! It doesn’t feel as intimidating now. Again, thank you! ??

  3. Diego

    Does anyone know how to maximise and minimise videos on iPhone X/Xs without having to press the button on the bottom right of the video?

    On my 6s I used to be able to pinch the screen to minimise/expand on YouTube.

  4. Just_DonnaMarie

    +DHTV ,
    I had an iPhone 6, now have an iPhone XS Max. When I had the iPhone 6, I closed out Apps by hitting the home button 2 times, then just flicked up & away the open Apps. I’m having trouble trying to figure out just how it works on my New iPhone ? XS Max. Could you Please Help? I don’t like having all of my Apps, staying open. Also it uses to much of the battery!
    Danke und Auf Wiedersehen

  5. Daena Jackson

    This video was sooo helpful. I was an android user before and just switch to an iphone xs max and i dont know how to use a iphone AT ALL, so this really helped❤

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