iPhone to Android – 1 year later

What it’s been like using Android for a year, what we miss about iOS, what we love about Android, why someone may want to switch between phone OSs, and what may drive us back to iOS.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Why I switched to Android
1:59 What I like about using Android
5:28 What I miss about using an iPhone
7:11 Will I switch back to iOS?
10:00 Which platform should you choose?
10:43 Switching between iOS and Android
12:13 Closing thoughts

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27 Replies to “iPhone to Android – 1 year later”

  1. Wayne Jorgensen

    In the end I think you'll switch back to iOS. You're already in the ecosystem and while Android does do more with less in the camera department, Apple closed the gap with their hardware and software integration. Their video recording capabilities are way better and the fact you can edit RAW from an iPhone knocks it out of the park. Me on the other hand? I really like my Pixel 5, it fits what I do. I don't edit videos or photos. Great battery life.

  2. Adam Tomlinson

    The Pixel 4 XL is still the most premium pixel device. The video capabilities on pixels have always lacked, that's my only con. The Pixel is the best Android device imo when it comes to the user interface. No bloat or third part apps also.

  3. R.Vincent A.

    The openness of Android is both its strength and weakness bec the OS needs to pack in more complex code thus increasing the chances of bugs, crashes, and the need for more hardware i.e more ram vs iOS. The number of timely Android upgrades is also a big miss w the majority of manufacturers giving only 1 OS upgrade before asking you to throw ur phone in the bin bec we have a new "disposable" one.

  4. Scott Kramer

    Great video, I’m with you that I’m tired of how iOS looks and I’m hoping that iOS 15 gives us an opportunity to finally put the damn icons where I want them to be, not what Apple tells me they need to be placed. I would love have more of the AI capability come to iOS but I know a lot of that is data mining personal information.

  5. walktheworld

    I'm in 10:20 and before this video finishes I know how this will end: You will come back to iPhone. You will argue that it is because it has a better camera, but the reality is that it is because of the aesthetics. Apple offers not simply an electronic device. They offer technological jewelry. That s why you already have an apple watch, a MacBook air…I'm sure you regard this as a "one year experiment" and you are willing to comeback to Apple.

  6. AK

    This is brilliant. I've never had an iOS device (Apple). But in 2021. I will be doing the opposite of what you did. Wish me luck.

  7. Kevin Davis

    I’ve used both OS’s every day for about 10 years, but if push came to shove and I was forced to choose only one ☝🏻 it would be iOS.

    Not going to leave a thumbs up 👍🏻 or down 👎🏻 due to the cop out at the end when it was actually decision time. Seems like someone 🙄 doesn’t want to risk offending Google and not being sent a freebie pixel 6, if there are any, Lol. 😂😉

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