iPhone Tricks & Features You didn’t know Exist iOS 12 – 12.1

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In this video I shared some of my favorite hidden features, tips & tricks in iOS 12

Best Siri Shortcut for iOS 12

How to Enable Super Low Power Mode iOS 12 Siri Shortcut

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42 Replies to “iPhone Tricks & Features You didn’t know Exist iOS 12 – 12.1”

  1. trish brooks

    Apple should initiate the “ Ive fallen and can’t get up” on every iPhone and watch. Not just limit it to the new watch.. it’s a safety feature that should be available to every one.

  2. Paul D

    So many things wrong – the f stop adjust the focal length NOT the focus…it limits want the camera can focus on.
    You didn't lock an app… you just limited the access time of the app which kids have even found workarounds with (adjusting the time of the phone)… also it said 12am, not 11

    In the editing of a photo, that button at the bottom is the cropping tool not the editing tool!

    Using the 'alternative' appearance is meant for cases when FaceID struggles to recognise them – for example, wearing a lot of makeup, a sudden shave, etc — using it to register another person to unlock your device is possible but it's not recommended by Apple because it's less secure.

    Fall detection is only for Apple Watch series 4 — previous version don't have it!!!

    Dude… the emergency information has been around for years – this is not an ios 12 thing… i think it was introduced as far back as ios 10

    Seriously!!! — you can click share on a photo and then notes – you don't have to copy and paste — also…this has been around since they introduced the locking feature on notes…you can use a password, touch id, or face id…the note is still available on other devices!!! nothing new.

  3. Thetrill MC

    ? If you want to set limits on individual apps go on your usage stats on screen time click on the individual app then set add limit??? ( screentime -> (insert name)’s iPhone -> Instagram -> add limit) this will not disable them at a certain time (yet ?) but will set a time limit on how long a day you may use the app ?

  4. Dimitri Borozny

    Get rid of Snapchat!! Especially if you jail break your device because Snapchat turns into Snapsex,a very dangerous app full of malware and viruses and spyware and ransomeware!!!

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