iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Exist


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iOS 12 Beta 5 Great Performance

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iOS 12 Beta 4 New Features & CHANGES

iOS 12 Beta 4 | More issues Than Before ?

Jailbreaking iPhone 7 in Store lol ? Electra Jailbreak

Cydia Replacement Sileo by Electra Jailbreak Team | The Future of Jailbreaking is Here

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28 Replies to “iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Exist”

  1. iKadan

    From reading the comment section, some people are saying the right side didn’t work. I only had my left airpod on, so I wouldn’t know ?. Anyone else?

  2. Robert D

    Awesome! Thank you.
    I’m trying to figure out how to make my security app come through when my do not disturb is on, is there any way to do this at all???

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