iPhone User Spends 17 Days on Android | Galaxy S10 Plus Review

iPhone User Spends 17 Days with Galaxy S10 Plus.. | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review (3 Weeks Later)

The Galaxy S10+ is the latest and greatest from Samsung, and in this full review, we discuss just how great it is and whether or not it’s worth buying.

We cover the design, display, battery life, performance, cameras, comparison to the iPhone XS Max, whether or not you should buy it, and more!

Galaxy S10 case I’m using in this video:
Other good cases for the S10/S10 Plus:

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Battery Life DRAIN TEST:
Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR SPEED Test – Didn’t See This Coming ?:
Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max SPEED Test:
Apple Fanboy Unboxes Samsung Galaxy S10e & S10+:
Samsung Galaxy S10 – First 12 Things To Do:

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49 Replies to “iPhone User Spends 17 Days on Android | Galaxy S10 Plus Review”

  1. Yautja

    At least you were reasonable in your review, in comparison to both the Apple and Samsung fanboys. I am heavily invested in the Samsung ecosytem as your are with the Apple ecosystem. But I do give credit where credit is due.

  2. tjustin47

    I kept switching back and for from Apple to Samsung. Samsung devices are very innovative hands down. Apple is smoother. Samsung should create there own market and software platform for just Samsung like how apple did

  3. richy3454

    Its actually not difficult for snapchat to update their android version. They just feel since historically most of their users used iOS the android version was always a second thought

  4. Mike G

    Your reasons for not switching really proves how good apples marketing is.

    To ignore all that for imessage and find my iphone. At&t has advamced messaging now which is the same thing basically when it comes to size of files you can send (100mb) and everything else.

    And if you use adroid for a little longer.. without touching an iphone.. youll see how annoying that "smoother" (longer slower) animations are. Its like the phone is working in oil or something. Scrolls up and down sooo long.. the way the letters pop up and down when txting is slow and not to mention.. switching tabs im safari..especially if u accidentaly opened one and need to switch back.. its like a magician tryna do card trick on his first day.

  5. Itsyoboy HaramBr0

    Let me know when a iPhone can get 9.5 hours of screen on time with the highest resolution on lol I'll wait. And yes. I do average about 8 to 9.5 hours of hulu or Netflix. 7.5 if I use data

  6. Castor castillo

    You could still blame Samsung but there is a way to scan your fingers correctly. Samsung directions are not good. If interested YouTube or I can link the best one.

    Thank you

  7. Maroesja De Jong

    I personally couldn't switch to iPhone, I'm so used to android and the diversity and customization that comes with it. That the iPhone and ios is just a pain in the ass and too much trouble to get used to

  8. MikeJ

    Sadly Samsung tells you the wrong way how to input your fingerprints into the phone. I find out a video from youtube where one dude show me how much quicker the in display fingerprint reader was when you scan your finger into the phone differently. You imagine the sensor in thirds and scan your finger like "top middle bottom right middle left" and you also can input a second finger to that same scan and doing it twice (two scans) it work so much quicker than when you do it "the samsung way" scanning you finger only in the middle of the sensor.

    I can agree with you in that since its in display it is kind of hard to find at first and because it won't vibrate the phone when the scan fails or succeeds its kind of hard to use in the start. But pairing it with faceID (without the quick mode) its fairly secure and you get your phone unlocked by the time you are ready to use it. Some ppl said that the faceID in galaxy can be tricked by a photo of yourself in another screen I tried that many times and never succeed to unlock the phone by doing so, so maybe they have enabled the "quick mode" in face scanning method which will warning you about less secure way to use it.

    All in all I was first worried about the unlocking the phone since I was changing from regular fingerprint scanner into this in display scanner and to be honest the regular one is so much quicker and easier to use in my opinion but when paired with faceID I've have zero issues to unlock the phone in time since you can use both at the same time and either one will unlock it for you in time (mostly faceid is quicker).

  9. V WorldWide

    What up Brandon Fellow tuber here just not as big ,man glad I found your channel that is one of the most un biased videos I have seen ,great presentation, me myself I am waiting on the note 10 , i am an artist as well, that spen is a game changer for me. Thanks for the video

  10. studivan

    Your review makes no sense right at the end, you said you prefer the Xs Max over the galaxy S10 plus but yet you recommended iPhone X users to upgrade, so I see you fell for the Apple bs, there is no difference in the iPhone X and Xs other than a so called faster processor which shows no real speed difference and no difference in the Xs and Xs max other than size so if iPhone XS or Xs max users should not upgrade then neither should IPhone X users, which they are smart enough to know, but it seems you aren’t.

  11. The Tech Millennial

    I just switched from iPhone to a Galaxy after 10 years! Picked up the Galaxy Watch as well and I love them both. I made my first video on my channel about the switch, and I would appreciate it if I received some feedback from anyone on it!! ??

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