iPhone User Vs Android User | Team Lemme Think

There’s always been a lil competitive fight between iPhone users and Android users as both of them always keep bragging about how they’re better than each other.
Let’s see how do they react when these two meet.

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Cast :-
Umesh Rathod
Harshad Bahadkar
Rohan Dulgaj

Written by :-
Umesh Rathod ( )

DOP :-
Niraj Sapane

AD :-
Rohit Patil –

Music – ‘Safari Fruits’ by Vidya Vidya

Digital Company – One Digital Entertainment

35 Replies to “iPhone User Vs Android User | Team Lemme Think”

  1. Someshwar Madavi

    Sala yaha mai din raat mehnat kar ke sala part time job karke. Mechanic shop Mai Mai aaj mobile lene jarela bhai.. Samsung.. Tera bhai iPhone bhi lega Mst ek do saal Baad ?….aaj Gudi Padwa hai so aaj lerela mai bhai. Samsung j7..

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