iPhone vs Android: 1 reason why iOS is better than Android

The perennial fight across tech fraternity is which mobile operating system is better? #iOS or #Android? Well, at Mr. Phone we strongly believe there is one reason that makes iOS better than Android. We explain the same in the video. #iPhone

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Devam

30 Replies to “iPhone vs Android: 1 reason why iOS is better than Android”

  1. cowgirl9925

    I got an iPhone 7 in January I was using android but it kept messing up and slowing down so I switched to the iPhone 7 ????I love it so much it’s faster and it gets software updates a lot faster then android and it has iMessage witch is a lot better I love it

  2. fischi

    Wait, just because something is open source, it's more vulnerable and your privaci is worse? Look behind the different Desktop OS and check out wich one is the safest and where your privacy is the best… guess what, Linux

  3. Shree Charan

    Pixel is better than iPhone & Pixel 3 has a Titan security chip to store any kinda sensitive information like biometrics etc., Also it is now patched to February in security…… So no way to hack Pixel 3 w/ previous methods… Need new methods & in case new arrives then March security patch arrives….
    iOS recently got a major security flaw in the form of active microphone w/out being lifted the face time call….

  4. J Awlia

    One thing that is also advantages for apple is that they're the one who make both hardware and software. They own their devices and ios. With Android, it's like there are millions of different devices made by different companies with sometimes their own os skin. Though my Nokia is an Android one device, it's still not free of bloat in system as Nokia is not Google. There are evenwell system apps which are third party and ruin my pure Android experience. So Apple has this advantage as they make their own os from scratch, that they don't need any bloat and can also keep an eye on third party apps downloaded from App store. After moving from iPhone to Android, I am now regretting the switch as software updates were more frequent on iPhone and even my three year old iPhone was always more update than any Android device. Even when I've chosen pure Android one device, it's still not up to date in terms of security patches. We're still on January security patch in Nokia 7 plus. Yes Android's customization and other things are attractive, but privacy and being up to date is important too as now our phones have all our information.

  5. VizZzion

    Privacy doesnt make iphones better than Android phones. Its about them phones themselves and bottom line you can find Android phones for half the price of an iphone with more and in a lot of cases better features for your lifestyle. Example I own the Honor View 10 which has faster face detection than an iphone 10. Again is literally half the price with an IR blaster and we dont even need to go into the camera software we all know Huawei jam packs into their phones. Androids are still the kid of smartphones. Thats why Apple isnt even number 2 anymore in units sold. Guess who number 2 is…

  6. priyesh pushp

    ios is much well polished, purified, smooth, and easy to use than android but nowadays the variety and spec numbers (and innovation in current days) of an android makes it easier for anyone to think that the software(android) they are using is superior

  7. Mohamed Mustaq

    Android one phones also we can buy to get regular updates and security patch ! But the problem with Google Pixel phones and Android one phone is limited for 3 years only… For latest security updates. So end of the day as you say IOS is better then Android OS

  8. mahesh pharande

    I think its fair to say that we know google is collecting our data and we know what it's using it for. Google is transparent.There is no proof apple does not collect data from iphones. Like we were surprised that Apple slows down its iphone speeds i'm pretty sure in some time we would be surprised that Apple also used some of the data to do that we all would not appreciate.

  9. Sagar Sontakke

    I just buy apple iPhone 6s ,and honestly agreed to your opinions expressed in this video, ios is much better than android.ios is much secure and convenient ,excellent.

  10. Debojyoti Biswas

    Though Apple products are all overpriced. In this world nobody is safe. All celebrities mostly use iPhone but we see their private photos,videos are leaked in the internet often.

  11. Abhijith S

    Just use bouncer on android….
    It blocks apps from using any kind of permission without your permission…and it would only allow any app when they are opened and close it as soon as they are no longer in use

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