iPhone vs Android: 5 Years Later

Five years later how does the iPhone compare with Android?
Mac vs PC: 10 Years Later:
With Android vs iOS a big question is long term support. The iPhone 4s originally came out in 2011 alongside the Samsung Galaxy S2 but how have the software updates been? App support on older Android smartphones and iPhones is a big factor along with the battery life and screens.

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49 Replies to “iPhone vs Android: 5 Years Later”

  1. Leo C

    Androids get sloooow af after less than a year (my 1.5 old Samsung crashes while using gallery or YouTube lmao),the camera is complete trash,I love android but this is not acceptable ,I cant defend them anymore …I'm joining iphone. Club of hipsters and fagg$,where they over charge for an apple icon,at least they have good cameras and dont get that slow

  2. Orlando Thrifter

    I have an LG stylo 3. It is still on Android 7.0 two years after buying it. LG has said that they will not be offering any updates to Android for this phone beyond security fixes. I think a phone still updated and supported 5 years later is extremely awesome. These days if you are lucky and get the next flavor of Android from your provider you are lucky. They much rather you buy a new phone. Although I have typically hated iPhones the fact that they are so well updated and supported makes me want to take a fresh look at them.

  3. Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma

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