iPhone vs. Android Rap Battle


This is our last chance to win a professional Red Scarlett camera and we desperately want to win. It is our dream to be filmmakers for the rest of our lives and this would put us so far ahead of the game. We entered all three weeks and this is the last hoorah. Third time’s the charm. Let’s get together on this and win! You can vote once a day and when you vote make sure you share it as much as possible after! Don’t forget that if we win, we’re going to be doing our own contest where you write a video for us and we make it!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this video!

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27 Replies to “iPhone vs. Android Rap Battle”

  1. Emma Cowle

    I always laugh my head off when people comment " Android is for life! Samsung wins over all em! Samsung is the best to 2018-2019!!!!!!!) Like, hun, apple is much better then that piece of metal with dat blurry camera 😉

  2. Shining Diamonds

    Reason why I like and hate androids
    •they are laggy
    •the logo looks like Bot from team umi zoomi
    That’s all for androids

    iPhones turn!!!

    •there smooth
    •good logo
    •color variety’s
    •different phones /iPads/watches/laptops/etc

    I bet you know which one I like???

  3. Zuby Jawaid

    Lol iphone vs android android won because iphone have bad games???????????? the android games are best thats why lots of people buy android and use

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