iPhone vs Android? What do Nigerian Men Prefer?

In this video, I ask a few Nigerian men what their opinion and choice of smartphone is between iPhone and Android. Which would you choose and why? Comment below #iPhone #Android

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iPhone vs Android? What do Nigerian Women Prefer?:

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30 Replies to “iPhone vs Android? What do Nigerian Men Prefer?”

  1. Nosky Imo

    In all my years of using Samsung I've never had a virus thing. And Samsungs are actually faster than iPhone and also way more expensive. Apple don't sell any iPhone for 2000$ but check out the Galaxy fold.. iphon is really behind and very difficult to use. There's no multitask.

  2. Favour Njoku

    5:40 Android phones don't technically have more apps than iphones. It's actually easier for app developers to make apps on ios due to ios not having a wide variety of hardware to account for?. I've seen some apps that were released 4 months on app store before entering play store.

  3. Favour Njoku

    Wait, that first dude said iphone has better RAM?. Android phones that are having 12GB RAM. Iphones are still using 4GB on their top of the line model even though iOS is a 64-bit operating system.

  4. G H O S T

    The last guy was so hilarious, a clueless dreamer with a blind epic love for the unknown…. How sad.

    It's funny how people could claim to love a thing they know nothing about, just cause it's priced exorbitantly, thus, erroneously makes them feel richer and trendier than their peers,(weird)… But then, try to rationalize their reasons with baseless arguments and keynotes.

    It's okay to love what you love, especially if it makes you feel better about yourself, 3ven if in a rather twisted way,,, yet, if smart intensive marketing, social media and societal pressure is all what notches you to fall in love with a product you've never tried out, or use but still don't even understand enough, don't then, try justifying it by finding none existent faults in Android, speaking of Storage, RAM, Multitasking, etc, to name a few, I mean, REALLY!!!?!. Jeeeez!.. please put a suck on it already.

    I currentlyuse both by the way.
    Galaxy Note 10+ & iPhone X (I only bought the iPhone, "used", from a friend of a friend, lol, cos it's now about 3yrs old and was on a very, very good price in contrast to it's present market value, and in great working condition, and again, well, the comparatively tiny footprint sits snuggly in my hands, which is better for certain use cases too)

    Hopefully, my next upgrade would be next year's Galaxy Note 21, I guess… Skipping 2020 of course.

  5. Alexander Ibehre

    Apple all the way. Reasons: Overall experience: 1. Great all round quality. 2. The ecosystem: AirPlay, iCloud, iMessage, Continuity, Cut and Paste across devices, Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple Books, available across all my Apple devices. 3. Better Privacy protection. 4. No virus issues. 5. Regular updates. 6. Overall device build quality. 7. Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ coming later thus year. 8. Attention to detail. 9. Regular OS refresh to look forward to at the yearly WWDC.

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