iPhone vs Android – Which Do People Prefer?

iPhone vs Android the worldwide opinion? Which device is trending more around the globe…is it the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, etc? I got the chance to ask people from all over which they preferred…iPhone vs Android. The results were interesting!

A lil context….I took part in YouTube’s Global Creator Camp where a few Youtube Next Up Alumni were invited back to the Youtube space from literally all over the world. I thought it would be fun and pretty cool to ask people what their preference is between iPhone and Android. A fun non valid experiment that I hope you enjoy!

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26 Replies to “iPhone vs Android – Which Do People Prefer?”

  1. BeeAreEyeAyEn

    In China it takes 20 cents to make a iPhone XS Max and in the US the price is raised to 1100. Apple never changes anything you may get a bigger device or a camera or 2. But you pay more for less and it’s really deceiving. The s10 is newer and looks amazing. So many new features made me switch from the xsmax. But save your money and get a Xr because all you’re paying for is a brighter screen. This scam has to stop and the updates for apple are bs. Slowly slowing down your device overtime so by the time a new iPhone is released you’re forced to upgrade otherwise your battery will die quickly. At least android is consistent get the s10 plus you won’t regret it

  2. Kit

    I like both. I’ve used both for several years, from the galaxy S5 back when it was the newest, second only to the 6, then going to an iPhone 6S, afterwards. I like both interfaces fine. While I had my Android, I didn’t care much for all the customisations one can do (though I completely understand why it’s very important and integral to others), and simply enjoyed the phone for what it was. It did what I needed it to, had a good camera, and that was that. I will say, I do prefer a lot of google applications and programs, to the point wherein I delete the apple versions and download the google ones, so the pixel may be in my future. Right now, I have an iPhone, and it’s enough for me. I don’t feel restricted, simply because I don’t care for ‘freedom’ when it comes to my phone, in terms of aesthetics. At the end of the day, all I need is a nice wallpaper, and my apps organised in colour coded folders, aha. Did the same layout with my Android, as I’m someone who likes consistency (re: doesn’t like change). I have my way I set up apps, to keep it minimal and on one page, only using three rows, and that’s how I’ve always like my phone to look, Android or iPhone. As long as you’re enjoying your phone, and it does what you need it to do, that’s all that matters.

    —From Canada

  3. Monsieur Saintvil

    Android. One, because there are more android devices to choose from than apple. Second, android has more affordable devices than apple. I have never had an iPhone due to the fact that it was out of my price range. I also never had a high end flagship like the current S10 due to the same reason. I currently have the S8 because it went down in price. I'm well invested into the android ecosystem. There's some good and bad, but overall I'm satisfied.

  4. raceface_m

    I was a complete Android fan when I had my Samsung s3. 3 years of having the s3 and being spoiled with expandable memory. I eventually got an iPhone 6s because of a chick I was talking to. I thought I hated it because I couldn’t have all the features I had from my s3. My s3 was able to connect to everything so easily whether it was my smart TVs or laptop through google. I couldn’t do much of that using my 6s. My favorite thing about iPhone was the ease of use of FaceTime and it was quick. I never updated my iOS since I got it. I hated my iPhone because I only had 16gb. It was the worst thing. I recently switched to a Samsung s8 after 3 years, and I had lags and app crashes after having it for only 5 months. I had to get rid of it. I went back to an iPhone and got me an iPhone 8 with 64gb. I am missing out on sooo many features on android and just connecting so easily through google without the extra cost. Because with an iPhone, you have to have Apple TV to cast specific things (though I can use google chrome cast which is a cheaper alternative. I use google photos to link everything up. I have to say there has to be an in between haha I appreciate both tbh. It takes time to like both. People who are on one side has never used either side for prolonged time.

  5. Jonathan Koons

    So basically, people stick to iOS because of imessage and because they are too lazy to personalize their phones. Android is a custom fit, iOS is a one size fits all. Or android adapts to you, you adapt to iOS

  6. Jonathan Koons

    To me I find iOS more messy lol, my home screen is clean (4 apps and the game folder at the bottom with weather widget on top) and in the apps drawer I have 6 folders that I separated all of my other apps in to. I dont like how on iOS all apps are forced to be on the home screen and I like the customizability of android (specifically Samsung cause I dont like the look of stock android much)

  7. Mike Mittens

    I use both 6splus and s9 if I had to chose s9 no contest. Gotta add me and my iPad are inseparable. Best of both worlds iPad and s9 match made in heaven. I think android is more intuitive tho.

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