iPhone vs Android Which is Better?

To make a fair comparison lets grab the latest and greatest android phone that there is which is the Samsung Galaxy s8 because it’s very similar in price and technology to the latest iPhone
The comparison will consist in the following: specs, performance, price, features, and a balance of pros and cons.
Samsung Galaxy S8 SPECS:
Body: Dust/Water proof over 1.5 meter
Display: 5.8-inch 2560×1440 Super AMOLED
Processor: Octa-Core 2.3 GHz Exynos (that’s 8 cores)
Storage: 64GB (Expandable up to 256GB)
Camera: Primary 12 MP 4k(2160p) Secondary: 8 MP 2k (1440p)
OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Battery: ion 3000 mAh battery
USB: 3.1 Type-C reversible connector
Card Slot: 2 (Dual sim card support)
Headphone jack: Yes
Price: $725 USD
iPhone 8 SPECS:
Body: Dust/Water Proof 1 meter
Display: 4.7-inch 750×1334 (that’s a weird resolution) anyways
Processor: Apple A11 Bionic Hexa-Core (in case you didn’t know 6 cores)
OS: iOS 11
Storage: 64GB
Camera: Primary 12 MP 4k (2160p) Secondary 7 MP HD (1080p)
USB: 2.0
Battery: ion 1821 mAh Battery
Sim Card Slots: 1
Headphone Jack: No
Price: $700
iPhone PROS:
You feel familiar with all the iOS devices (You know exactly what you going to get)
Very consistent and fast
Simplicity (Easy to use)Easy to backup/restore
iMessage (A lot of people love it we all know this)
No bloatware
The IOS interface is more pleasing to the eyes.
iPhone CONS:
You need to buy separate accessories if you want fast charging which are kind of expensive.
No fingerprint reader on the new iPhone x
New updates are terrible for old apple devices. (When a new iPhone comes out there is a new update for the older iPhones and most of the time this is very problematic, it makes your old device run slow with bugs and glitches because the old hardware is not capable to handle the new software.
Very restrictive (You are limited to the things you can do on all apple devices)
Bad notification system (Most people hate the way that notifications are displayed on iPhone)
• The same old launcher
You need iTunes to access your device from a PC and add stuff to it (This could be complicated and a slow process for some people)
Widgets are terrible
Android PROS:
Expandable Memory (Most android phones allow you to add more memory to it, in some cases you can go from 8GB and extend it up to 256GB)
Dual sim card support (Some android phones allow you to have two different numbers from different services)
Some companies like Samsung delivers new technology sooner than I phone (a good example would be when integrated wireless charging was introduced by Samsung on 2014 with the galaxy s6 and then iphone included this feature with the iphone 8 3 years later)
More options (There are a lot manufactures for android devices which is good because it gives you more options, if you don’t like a brand you can choose another one, different styles, sizes, specs and prices, you can buy a brand new android phone for as low as $50 USD)
Better window multitasking
Now there is even a new type of android phones that are dual screen foldable unlike nothing you have ever seen before like the ZTE AXON M and this is something iPhone fans would won’t get any time soon.
Fast charging accessories are already included.

18 Replies to “iPhone vs Android Which is Better?”

  1. Pranjal Singh

    actually i was going to buy apple phone watch but i also saw that there is a new watch thor4 which is better
    and also which tablet is better samsung (anroid) or Ipad pro(ios)

  2. Mik S

    Easy to spot this one "fair" comparison.:
    You've picked the 2017 iPhone 8 instead of the 2017 flagship iPhone X? Not even the iPhone 8+?
    If you wanted to make a comparison based on price, you should pick a $100 chinese smartphone. It will win hands down on number features for the buck.
    Now, if you want more, if you want the best, prepare to forget about a fair relation between price and features.

  3. Gregory Boyk

    simple and direct no phony trash talk is best to present intellectual information. keep it simple Sam. awesome videos. I just subscribed today. thank you for your time investment ….

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