iPhone VS Android: WHO WINS? – FAQ Podcast

iPhone vs Android. Microsoft vs Sony. Ecks vs Sever. Nowadays, people fall in love with a brand, and fight tooth and nail with their neighbors in order to justify, rationalize, or validate their own decisions. In the end, these fights are meaningless, just as most of our choices are empty and void of significance.

Life will go on whether you browse mobile Reddit on a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an iPhone 6S. The earth does not care if you play Telltale’s Game of Thrones on an iPad or a Surface. The stars will never know about your brand association, or you in general, for you are a small pink ape making binary decisions on a chunk of rock hurtling through space.


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45 Replies to “iPhone VS Android: WHO WINS? – FAQ Podcast”

  1. Natalia Cespedes

    how had an i pad and now has a Samsung tablet the best tablet aka its android and Samsung phone and I love android and apple 🍎 like if you like android and apple 🍎

  2. Jada Michelle

    it seems that iPhones break easier than androids,I've seen other people drop their iPhones and it almost always cracks,I've dropped my android tones of times and it did not break.

  3. Matt B

    remix os is nice as well but ive put cyanogenmod on all my android devices its the most customizable set up ever.but it does come down to android is ment for people the have patience and dont mind taking the time to understand and figure it out where as iphone is ment for beginers and kids.

  4. Damon

    I'm just annoyed that Apple calls each iPhone "innovative" when all they do is slightly upgrade the specs and add gimmicks. Are they too scared to change and adapt to the market? Not like they need to when people keep buying them anyway..

  5. springer

    My wife switched from Apple to Android because she kept having issues with iphone, haven't had any issues with new Android phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note) and saved $$$ too!

  6. aljo

    I'm only 20 minutes into the video, but I'm gonna go ahead n say that Blackberry is now running on Android, and it's far better than it used to be. I've had em for years and they slowly quickly went south, but the recent BBOS 10 (aka Android) is fantastic. Absolutely outstanding. I love it and it's the best investment I've made in years.

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