iPhone vs Android Why Android is Better

In this video, I’ll explain why I like Android phones more than Apple iPhones. Don’t get me wrong, iPhones are some of the best phones out there. They’ve been around for a long time, I just feel like they’ve fallen off a bit. As always, I want to see your comments about this in the comments section below.Thanks for watching and for your support!
Some shots in this video were recorded with the LG G3, but 90% of the video was recorded with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Recording Equipment
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Camera)
– Blue Yeti Microphone
– Amazon Basics Tripod
– Adobe Premiere Elements 15 (Editing Software)
– Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 (Video Thumbnails)
– CyberPowePC Gaming PC (See Gaming PC Review)
– Polaroid 8″ Tripod

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20 Replies to “iPhone vs Android Why Android is Better”

  1. Waterwolf750 AJ

    People watch what you say I’m an apple user and my parents choose what phone I get and I keep on getting way too salty over these comments so just stop making fun of apple!

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