iPhone vs GrayKey, and Android’s Meager Security – ThreatWire

Android phone manufacturers don’t patch as much as they should, GrayKey lets cops unlock encrypted iPhones, and everything you need to know about the Facebook Zuckerberg hearing. All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

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39 Replies to “iPhone vs GrayKey, and Android’s Meager Security – ThreatWire”

  1. Rachel Sommers

    ❌ Zuck the Schmuck was constantly Lying in the hearings.
    The problem was that he wasn't required to tell the Truth through an oath

    The other problem was that they didn't get to verify his various claims on operational practices.

    But it was So Obvious he was Lying most of the time and with that ? face of his, it was very noticeable

  2. BenSavage

    My grandson has a smartphone. Hes a fool. These are digital dog collars tracking your every movement. What's so bad about mailing a letter?

  3. Scott B.

    Zuckerberg stated Facebook no longer uses data brokers. Your explaination of a Shadow Profile is inaccurate.

    And Congress asked about "The Russians"…for less than 4 minutes each question.

    He may have also stated he'd follow up with some questions because he needs to be accurate with his explaination, or be ridiculed like what's being done in this video. Many CEOs don't know or aren't involved with technical workings like would be required to answer some of those questions. After one of the breaks he did correct a statement he made…an attempt to be accurate was certainly being made.

  4. sdushdiu

    Its past time for the vigorous enforcement of existing anti-trust laws against companoies like Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. And isn't it quaint how these parties were excluded from the Obama's 'net neutrality' proposal, rendering it complete politically motivated bullshit.

  5. Da Hai Zhu

    Anything made can be broken, this includes decryption devices like GrayKey. Someone will break it and release it to the black market. That is a given fact.

  6. vegas395

    it is not most likely breaking encryption. It is most likely bypassing the passcode limit, and then it bruteforces the phone. You can prevent this hack by making a long alphanumeric passcode.

  7. peter1rock

    There was a similar thing to “GrayKey” a few months back. And what that one did was put the phone into recovery mode and in that mode apple didn’t put a password limit so unlimited tries. But if someone has a Alpha Numeric password you’re basically safe

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