iPhone Vs. Samsung – Girls Speak Out!

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Apple Vs. Samsung – Girls speak out!

iphone vs samsung

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25 Replies to “iPhone Vs. Samsung – Girls Speak Out!”

  1. risti nurul

    Apple company finally admit samsung are way better on this tech. The Prove is on the display of iphone X they are build by Samsung. That's the real talk.

  2. FruktKusen

    So, it seems like the iPhone users you interwieved were the ones who like Apple because it's cool and it's a status symbol. Just incase you care, Android fanboys, i'll say what i like about the iPhone, here we go.

    1. It just works. almost all apps are very well optimized for iPhone. IOS also just works with Iphone's hardware so well and efficiently.

    2. The "ecosystem". If you have an iPhone, you may have an iPad, maybe a macbook, or airpods or Apple watch or anything like that, you're in what's called "the Apple ecosystem". it's basically just your apple devices working together to create a pleasureable, reliable and seamless experience. And it all just plain and simply works.

    3. Support. if you ever have a problem with your iPhone or Mac for example then you can just go to your local Apple store and usually get it fixed the same day along with great customer service so you'll leave the store satisfyed.

    4. Privacy. Unlike Google, Apple collects as little personal data as possible from you, and they are willing to go to great lengths to ensure your data's safety which i REALLY appreciate.

    5. They last MUCH longer. If you buy a newly released Android phone right now it'll probably be supported for around 2 years with the latest Android updates. But if you get the iPhone X in 2017 for example, that phone will probably be supported for 6 years if not even longer.

    6. Updates. iPhones can install the latest updates usually the same day they're released, while on Android (especially if you have a samsung) it'll take MONTHS and sometimes even HALF A YEAR to get your update, not to mention it's supported for a much shorter time than iPhones.

    Those are the main reasons i like Apple. And also, please don't be a toxic fanboy from the Android side and try to throw the following "counter arguments" (more like petty complaints and comments) at me:
    "but but but Apple costs too much!!!" or "iCrap dosen't even let you customize your device." or "IOS is dumbed down for dumb users, Android is clearly superior!"

  3. Jose Martinez

    I like iphones and androids the reason I like android I can hack easy get some money easy and download stuff that stay the reason I like iPhone because I like to watch Yt download apps from websites like panda helper and tutu app and yea that’s all I have to say oh and I like fortnite on iPhone and I want the ten S so I can the new skin so you if you don’t agree with that’s fine I like both phones

  4. Bryceson Yazzie

    SAMSUNG4LIFE apple belongs to the trash there's some stuff that you can't do with apple over Samsung can do Samsung phones have the best displays on the market and Samsung still has the headphone jack when Apple decides to ditch the headphone jack fuck you apple phones

  5. Mr. Slamboi

    I have the Note9 and switched to the Xs Max, and I'm a diehard Samsung guy, I troll apple users, and I'll say, iPhones are definitely easier to use, and have a better UI.

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