iPhone Won't Update? Here's The Fix!

In this video, a former Apple tech explains what to do when your iPhone won’t update. When your iPhone isn’t up to date, you may not have access to new features and your iPhone may run into software issues.

When your iPhone is not updating, the first thing to do is turn your iPhone off and back on. If a minor software glitch is the reason why your iPhone won’t update, this may be the fix. Press and hold the power button and slide the red power icon from left to right when it appears on your iPhone’s display. After about 30 seconds, press the power button again to turn your iPhone back on.

Next, make sure your iPhone has enough storage space to download and install the latest update. Software updates usually require between 700-800 MB of storage space. To check how much storage space is available on your iPhone, open the Settings and tap General, then tap iPhone storage. At the top of this menu, you’ll see how much storage space is available on your iPhone. If you have more than 1 GB (gigabyte) of data, your iPhone has more than enough space to update.

Next, try updating your iPhone in both the Settings app and in iTunes. If your iPhone won’t update in the Settings app, try iTunes. If your iPhone isn’t updating in iTunes, trying updating in the Settings app.

Next, save a backup of your iPhone, erase all content and settings, then perform a restore in iTunes. If the restore doesn’t fix the problem, try performing a DFU restore, the deepest type of restore you can do to an iPhone. Check out our special video on putting an iPhone in DFU mode and performing a DFU restore.

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30 Replies to “iPhone Won't Update? Here's The Fix!”

  1. Juan _

    I have a iPhone 7 Plus and I have 9GB out of 32GB it loads then it stops and doesn’t do anything and when I try downloading something to my phone and it says storage full which is not true and I went to apple and they said it’s the software but yet it still doesn’t let me update

  2. Why Not

    I click downlaod&install, and then it goes grey for a sec while it loads, then yea the spinny wheel but then it goes back blue with NO error message or anything. It’s been like this for quite a few months, but the longer I leave it, the more storage it keeps eating up as more updates come out. I still have like 4gb of storage, none of these work. It’s at the point where it’s practically unusable. I can’t do anything computer related as I can’t afford one, just as I can’t afford to get it fixed/get a new phone. It’s a 5S if that matters, it hasn’t got IOS12 yet, it’s some point in IOS11. It’s not WiFi, tried everywhere. Done literally all of these and doesn’t work. What do I do. EDIT UPDATE; basically, good news. I never had enough storage to back up to icloud, so i bought a 50gb payment plan cause its not too expensive. I then went to try install the update, it then went update requested, and now it says 18 minutes remaining. May not be finished, and i bet it will go wrong, but its the most progress ive seen in months. Tbh video didny really help lmao, but it motivated me to find a way… i guess?…
    ANOTHER UPDATE; after buying the 50gb iCloud storage for £0.79 a month, my shitty ass phone finally updated and is working. Y’all try that if you had the same problem as me, or if you don’t wanna buy, just like delete everything lmao

  3. Roseee.

    mine is almost done updating but its just stuck and the line wont continue to go forward!! its been updating for over 11hours now and i tried pressing the home button and lock button but it still goes back to this!!! HELPPPP

  4. Daemous

    I literally read the title as "Phone Won't Update? Here's The Fix!"

    But once they said iPhone, I said "Wait a minute… this is for iPhones?!? Nope, I'm outta here."

  5. N Fisher

    I had so many photos on my iPhone plus side this ad for Google photos it back up my photos and the photos and then was all delete from my iPhone and it was saying to google photos now I don't have to worry about my storage been filled up by photo

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