iPhone X Hidden Gestures + Tips & Tricks!

Amazing iPhone X Hidden Features & Gestures + Tips & Tricks. How To Make Your iPhone X Experience So Much Better!

Top 10 iPhone X Features:

26 Replies to “iPhone X Hidden Gestures + Tips & Tricks!”

  1. Kyezie131

    How the fuck is there not an option to remove the stupid home bar??? Like does Apple seriously think we will fucking forget how to get back to the home screen or something?

  2. Lizy

    I hate myself for watching iPhone X videos cause I’m so anxious to get my iPhone XS Max in March but this is making me eager and sad that I don’t have it yet

  3. Devrek Wassupi

    Let’s hope your not in a bad situation where you have to hide and hope the intruder doesn’t hear you. As you use the SOS ? that sounds like a nuclear bomb alarm lol.

  4. Dan Olson

    As a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 user I can honestly say that any phone that relies on gestures only and without a back button is not a phone I would ever want to use. Not too mention that ugly-ass black bezel obstruction at the top of the phone. Steve Jobs is literally rolling in his grave with these inferior iPhone products.

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