iPhone X (iOS 12) vs. Galaxy S9+ Speed Test

Speed test between Apple iPhone X running on iOS 12 Beta 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ to see if iOS 12 makes the iPhone X faster.

Watch the Beta 1 vs. Beta 2 speed test here:


iPhone X: Apple A11 Bionic, 3GB RAM, iOS 12 Beta 2
Galaxy S9+: Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM, Android 8.0

Note: footage is sped up by 20% on both phones for a better viewing experience.



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iPhone X (iOS 12) vs. Galaxy S9+ Speed Test


47 Replies to “iPhone X (iOS 12) vs. Galaxy S9+ Speed Test”

  1. PhoneBuff

    Version 2.3 of the #phonebuffstyle speed test includes improvements to both the robot and the apps used in the test itself. We’ve gotten rid of the lightweight apps (like Settings) that load almost instantly on all modern smartphones – and we’ve replaced them with much more intensive apps that not only push these phones to their limits, but also better reflect the future of the smartphone (i.e. Samsung DeX , AR/VR, payments, etc).

  2. MrWalker1000

    your test is already flawed. the robot on the right video obviously started the speed test way faster by moving faster. you need to perfectly sync your tests.

  3. megasxlr22

    I really hope you do a final build rematch. The final build here is so much faster it's ridiculous. Plus, the apps back in June were not updated to take full advantage of the BETA SOFTWARE. So I'd love to see one more rematch just because I'm genuinely curious

  4. nah ian

    plz do a op6 vs note9 speed test.
    Watched in another channel that note9 wins- that's not the problem.
    But op6 ram management was unbelievably poor! – something i am not used to see here

  5. Mustafa Mohamed

    And they say the iPhone x still faster than the note 9 . WHATS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE ARE U BLIND. Samsung give u the best phone's all the time in perfect prices.

    That's looks like an ad

  6. GateOP

    and even when iOS 12 releases and is (if) faster, i will still consider s9+ as a winner.

    i'm not a fanboy, but i'm just saying.

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