iPhone X – One Year Later Review and Comparison

iPhone X has been out for over a year now. I show you how well it has held up, and compare it to the iPhone XS and help you device if you up buy an iPhone X now or upgrade to the latest iPhones. #iPhoneX #iPhoneXS #Apple

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38 Replies to “iPhone X – One Year Later Review and Comparison”

  1. Luchon20082010

    Great review! I have the x and it is faster in most apps than my IPhone 6s. But it shows some stuttering once in a while mostly when going to the Maine menú

  2. Deacon Del

    Just got the iPhone X for a phenomenal deal with my carrier. LOVE the phone. Your video convinced me that I certainly did not need the Xs. Thanks!

  3. Kyla Unicorn

    I don’t have a X or Xs and am deciding which one to buy
    I am quite careful with my money and probably won’t upgrade after this for another 2 years to need to know which phone I should buy that will ‘last’ longer.

  4. Jake

    iPhone X is the best phone I’ve ever had. The gestures, Face ID, big display in small footprint. Everything is a big step up from older iPhones imo.

  5. Sam 2018

    I just brought the iPhone X 64gb over the xr since I’m getting a better screen and it’s only a £100 more in the uk.

    Your better off getting the x fro the price of the xr

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