iPhone X, one year later! Worth buying? (Review)

Updated 2019 review!
The iPhone X took the smartphone industry by storm a year and has now been discontinued by Apple! So, this begs the question- is it still worth it in 2018?
The Death of the iPhone X:
iPhone 8 in 2018:
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44 Replies to “iPhone X, one year later! Worth buying? (Review)”

  1. B e l l y :3 Gacha W o l f Dreams :P playz

    I like iphone x because u can play on the water But XD I GO TO DONT ON THE PHONE GIONG WATET SK I DO EVER TO PUT on the my not box But Box were purple and so smool and h can see so ya i hope u have a nice today i only love iphones and ya AND THESE IPHONES SO BEATIFUL UwU who likes iphone please leave a like on my comment Bye! 🙂

  2. megan robb

    Just moved from an iPhone 6s to an iPhone X. I would 100% recommend this phone, and after using my boyfriend's iPhone XR I definitely prefer the iPhone X for its finish. Still a great phone despite it being discontinued.

  3. joshua arnold

    I love this phone I wanna get the new iPhone coming out this year but it’s going to be hard to put this one down for something new unless it’s a dramatic update for the iPhone 11. I honestly this the 10 is a better phone than the 10s 10sx

  4. Elena Bala

    I want it soooo bad. My family is in a bad financial state so I’m saving up. I’m only at $50 and it’s not gonna sell soon so I’m worried.

  5. beabookworm

    I just bought the iPhone X. My friend works for Apple and said that the proceeding generations have a lot of problems – especially with the battery. She said the X is the most durable compared to the XR or XS. However, unless you know ppl who work for Apple, they won’t tell you this. ?

  6. Mr . Billson

    Apple should bring bag the iPhone X for 850$ and remove the Xr and bring it when the next iPhone comes with new processor and better displays and call it the iPhone 9

  7. Estella Gomez

    I’m stuck deciding between the IPhone 8 , 8plus, and the IPhone X :/ I like the IPhone X because it’s the perfect size for my small hands and I like the camera quality but I’m not a fan of the notch. Can anyone give me advice

  8. vante

    Is it worth upgrading from a GalaxyNote8? Lol I just bought the iPhone X today and I'm not really sure if I'm keeping it or not. ?

  9. McAuley2442

    I bought the iPhone 8 Plus when it came out and 3-4 months ago I swapped it for an iPhone X and I much prefer the 10. The swipe animations and Face ID are really good.

  10. Ivan Andriyovych

    I was able to order the iPhone X (256gb) on Black Friday for $750. Should I keep my order or just get the newer iPhone XR (128gb), which for me is enough memory, for $800? What’s the better value overall? At a $400 discount on the iPhone X is that the better option?

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