iPhone X Review – Pushing Me to Android

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Is the “no Home button” layout of the iPhone X the way of the future, or will it drive those on the fence back to Android?

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37 Replies to “iPhone X Review – Pushing Me to Android”

  1. iDudeX

    Why do people cry about thick and slightly heavy phones? I get it if your hands are tiny. But what about people with massive hands like me? If I don’t plop a case that’s twice as thick as my phone, I won’t like it. It feels too fragile

  2. Kobe Stordiau

    Using apple was nice up to the 8. I bought an Iphone xs, because i liked apple and had enough money for it. I was happy until I began to work with it. I just can’t live without a fingerprint home button. With “raise to wake” and “tap to wake”, the phone is way too sensitive when using it. I find it weird that there aren’t more negative reactions on these ways of unlocking…

  3. Oskar Petunovs

    Number 1: Apple materials are worth about 600€

    Number 2: Even tho the materials are worth not that much what about putting them and finding and CREATING the materials is really hard

    Number 3: What about the SOFTWARE?? It’s one of the most expensive things apple would make if they sold it it would nearly cost the same as selling the apple company it self without the software

    Number 4: How do you think that making a camera position WITH TRUE DEPTH CAMERA to position 200,000 dots on your face?

    Number 5: it has a TRUE DEPTH CAMERA so if someone tries to unlock your phone with a picture it won’t work and…

    Number 6: Also the phone only opens when you want it for you to open so if a robber tried to unlock the phone with your face it wouldn’t unlock unless you wanted to cause the phone can tell if you do or notifications

    Number 7: Also Apple is powered by a A12 Bionic Chip Which is way more powerful than Samsung’s chip

    So in conclusion Apple is better.

    Edit: So it would cost about 3000€ So say thanks to Apple for selling it so cheap

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