iPhone X Review | Still Worth it in 2018?

I didn’t mention it, but video recording on the iPhone X is some of the best, some great slow mo along with 4K 60p! That’s more than my ‘proper’ camera!

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Wallpaper :

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30 Replies to “iPhone X Review | Still Worth it in 2018?”

  1. PrincessPeach YT

    Only thing about them is that they’re so damn heavy. I own one and it’s one of the most heaviest phones I ever owned. Once it drops on your face, you are doomed.

  2. Asenla Longchar

    So I went cycling the other day where my phone dropped from my purse . Next thing I noticed was that a big Scorpio passed right over it ( I hope ? you know the feeling) … to my surprise nothing happened! Not even a scratch !
    If it was any other phone it wouldn’t have survived.

  3. Jacob Brodt

    Nothing about the X or XS feels like one piece of anything. Going from a jet black 7 plus to an XS sucks because the jet black was so smooth. The border between the glass and steel is pretty noticeable. Also who asked for stainless steel for the border? I’d rather pay for aluminum considering I, like everyone, use a case… and you still have to use one with the steel phone!

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