iPhone X – The Final Review

iPhone X – The Final Review
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A lot of time has passed since we first reviewed the Apple iPhone X. Our initial opinions of the phone were overwhelmingly positive, but a lot can change in the span of a year. Is the iPhone X still the hot phone we once loved? Check out our final review to find out!

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28 Replies to “iPhone X – The Final Review”

  1. Chemomatik

    End of Life? >.> Who throws a $1000 phone away after less than a year?
    I'm still using my iPhone5, and it served me well over all this time. I'm just in the process of replacing it, and it will still be in use as secondary/backup phone for a while.

  2. enntense

    Huge gratz to Apple's marketing team. They have convinced an entire generation that they need a $1000 phone, that in actuality they have zero need or use for. Pure genius.

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