iPhone X vs Android Experience! Which is better? Should you Switch?

iPhone X vs Android Experience! Which is better?

Hey Guys, I get asked on a regular basis who has the best user experience apple or google. I use both platforms on a daily bases. Apple is good for some things and so is android. In this video I will cover who is more efficient. You be the judge!

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34 Replies to “iPhone X vs Android Experience! Which is better? Should you Switch?”

  1. EBPMAN Tech Reviews

    Thanks to ClayDayz for reminding me about the swipe to left or bottom right to switch apps. This IMO make the app switching better on IOS if you are already in an app. Just make sure you swipe the little bar on the bottom of the screen. but if you're at the home page your stuck with the long method.

  2. Kevin Josephs

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a video like this. I’m currently on the iPhone X and want an Android phone as a secondary phone. What would you recommend? Note 9 or Pixel 3?

  3. Malcolm H

    Thanks for vid. I would have preferred you become a little bit more educated/familiarized with the iPhone's system before a good comp of the two systems. I've been Droid for ever/always and considering iPhone so, looking for good comps in the experiences between both.

  4. Darth Emoder

    user …experience, experience, experience
    To me if I can't see the wallpaper properly then its horse shit… I don't care even if they use windows 98 in a cell phone…

  5. Coqui

    So how is it that iPhone users always say that iOS is easier to use?!! I've always wondered about that. And the level of personalization and customization on Android is way ahead of iOS. iOS always leaves you wanting more.

  6. mel johns

    This is the best video Ive seen in months I've been thinking so very hard about switching from android to iPhone.. But not after this video….. Thank you!!!

  7. The_Master 68

    In order to clear all notifications on the iPhone, you just use force touch on the little x, and it will say "clear all", it's that easy. Also, the only reason why the iPhone notifications are so bad for you is you give every app permissions to notifications, easy way to fix it, don't let every app have permissions to send notification. Trust me, it's better than you think.

  8. HashySlash

    The iPhone X won't make me switch from Android. Reason being is because Android's multitasking and notification center is FAR better than iOS's by leaps and bounds.

  9. Oli Os

    3d touch the X to clear all notifications… No disrespect cause the idea for the video is great, but this is kinda a useless ill informed video if you haven't taken the time to learn how to use all 3 devices properly….

  10. František Jílek

    What you did was review for few percent of geeks.
    AND make it while HOLDING phones at HAND not laying then on table.And review feature for ONE hand and both hand usage.
    Majority users does not care about many things you mention.
    Features have to be usable for you granny and be sure she will not delete all notification accidentally and so on.
    For geeks there are some limitations and some issues you mentioned are right..
    Apple never allows direct access to file system. Stop asking for it. As features that would make it vulnerable.
    I am not android expert, not iPhone but you had to consult iPhone experts prior or make video again.

  11. Enzo Brione

    I always was an android fan boy then I switched after my note 8 to iPhone 10, surely I have to say That iPhone or iOS is much more superior to the android system But in productivity iOS is lacking and for example much more complicated to use than for example a Samsung s8, writing messages on iOS is horrible and your feel you are like in a prison, it’s very hard to set your wallpaper or your music on iOS, the thing with the iTunes is something really annoying and not up to date, In my case if you want productivity or personalisation, Or if you want to use your smartphone in much more faster way then always take android, I only use iPhone 10 because of the stereo loud speakers because there is nothing better in the market,…

  12. MobileDecay

    IOS is normally a tad smoother, faster, and more responsive except it makes you feel like a fuckin criminal. Android is perfectly usable and let's you do whatever the fuck you want to do! The only thing iOS has over android is that it's great for pro musicians. If you are a pro musician get an iPhone. For everything else go with android. Also the notch is shit.

  13. Braylan Black

    I didn't know about that double tapping the multitasking button to switch app feature. I've been using Android for about 5 years and just learned of this. Thanks.

  14. Levente Ferencz

    If you swipe up and right on the iPhone you can much easier get into the multitasking window, you do not have to wait. n you can clear all the notifications per force touch, push the x a lil harder n you clear all of them by one click. For the next time plz make sure you know all the gestures from iOS, not just the 50%, just saying..

  15. ZedGod _

    You can swipe at the bottom to change between apps. To delete all notifications, hard press on the small “x” icon and the option to do so will appear . Your widgets are all the way to the left of your iPhone. You can even access widgets in the Notification Center and go to the left. There is a way to clear your rams last time on the 6S. I’m not sure how to do it now on the X

    I’m not going to be upset that you do not know all this different shortcuts. Apple always only tell people the original way to do it and always leave shortcuts for yourself to find. So I Guess you’ll just need to spend more time experimenting on iPhones.

  16. crosswhite17

    I prefer iOS for a number of reasons but here are just a few. Swiping down on the home screen brings up search and includes recently used apps. When in Safari, I can swipe from the left of the screen to go back and swipe from the right of the screen to go forward again. I also prefer the photos app to google photos as it includes facial recognition to easily find photos. And if course there is iMessage which beats anything on Android.

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