iPhone X vs iPhone 11 Pro – Should You Upgrade?

iPhone X vs iPhone 11 Pro – Should You Upgrade? Hello all and welcome to this comparison video between Apple iPhone X and Apple iPhone 11 Pro. In this video we will discuss if you should upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone 11 in multiple areas of the phones that matter. With the iPhone 12 just 7 months away, this could be a mistake to upgrade or it could be a great choice. If you have upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone X, please consider sharing your feedback with the community and as always, thank you for watching!

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iPhone X vs iPhone 11 Pro speed test:

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to go ahead and leave them down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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36 Replies to “iPhone X vs iPhone 11 Pro – Should You Upgrade?”

  1. Oh Keh

    I’ve dropped my iPhone X so many times and no scratches on the screen
    I don’t like screen protectors but which one do you recommend?

  2. Bailey L

    My iPhone 11 pro is coming Monday I’m just making sure I made the right choice 😅 I already know I did but it’s nice to learn about it

  3. Matthew Featherston

    I just upgraded my iPhone X to the 11 pro… I loved my X, but just last week I had a vertical green line appear on the screen (OLED was dying out), and well it was going to cost about $200 for a new screen… So I just decided to upgrade because I knew the pro was just like my X with better battery life and better cameras… One other thing I did for myself was to upgrade the storage for the phone. My iPhone X was 64gb whereas my Pro will be 256gb which will fit all my music (around 74gbs) and whatever photos/videos I want to record 😉

  4. maddie

    I still have an iPhone X and runs absolutely amazing. Battery is still at 84% but still runs smooth on iOS 14. Who’s waiting for iPhone 12?

  5. teddywetts

    I used to get a new phone every year. Until i got the iPhone X. Ive had it since it came out, and have never felt the need to upgrade. Phones are basically getting to be like laptops, or desktops. There is just no point in upgrading every year. They don’t change enough… Maybe the 12 will get me excited, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Iris

    My gallery has 11k photos 😅😳 and im on a 256GB and my storage is full thats the reason why I’m thinking of an upgrade + bc i clearly take a lot of pics🤭 but idk if upgrading from an iphone xs is worth it :/ iddkk😩

  7. Hannah Gray

    My charging port on my X is finicky and doesn’t always work. It has scratches on the screen and gets really hot. (I’ve only had it since June and it’s September now). I bought it from my moms friend (I’m 14). I’ll be able to afford the 11 pro max and maybe 12 because of my job and selling this one cause even with the problems it’s surprisingly worth like $450. Cause it’s 256 GB. Help tho should I upgrade either to the 11 pro or the 12 when it comes out???

  8. MrThethal

    I’m using 6s plus still one of the best ones I can do almost everything and get new upgrades still the new ones are just joyless cash grabs

  9. Vibuson Siva

    The upgrade is definitely not worth it. Ive owned my iPhone X since release in 2017.

    Performance is still great. Smooth and fluid, no crashes. All apps still work optimally.

    Camera is great, I see no short comings. Wide angle is great, but not worth the upgrade price tag for just that feature. Average consumer would be happy with this camera.

    Battery life is doing great too. My health is 93%. If it’s worse, simply replace the battery and a cheaper cost.

    The phone still feels premium, doesn’t feel outdated at all. One thing I do wish, is that we got those different colour options when then X first released (gold, midnight green).

  10. Juan-Henning Venter

    Nick Ackerman – Sounds very Afrikaans…

    Anyway. I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Very happy, but starts to feel outdated now. Upgrades over the years didn't impress me much. Will see what the 12 offers then decide whether I'll upgrade to the 12 or rather the 11.

  11. etc

    iPhone 11 Pro should sport a much better battery with much better battery life and much better sensors and cameras right? So in terms of longevity it does matter

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