iPhone X vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone X and iPhone XR have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide which is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iphonex #iphonexr #apple

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:20 – Price
00:43 – color options
01:38 – displays
03:40 – 3D Touch vs Haptic touch
04:21 – speakers
04:41 – signal, wifi, and reception
05:08 – Face ID
05:28 – Battery
05:56 – Front Cameras
06:22 – Rear Cameras
07:13 – Camera comparison
10:19 – Specs
10:30 – Speed comparison
12:58 – Water resistance
13:13 – Weight
13:26 – PWM
13:53 – Conclusion
14:17 – Outro
14:39 – End

Panasonic GH5 –
Leica Lens –
Memory Card –
? Microphone
Heil PR40 –
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Panasonic GH5 –
Leica Lens –
Memory Card –
? Microphone
Heil PR40 –
Focusrite 2i2 –
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38 Replies to “iPhone X vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. Jake 3752

    Ya boi's coming from an iPhone 5S that barely works at this point so either one of these is a massive improvement. I think I'm definitely going for the X – I like the smaller size, better display, and way better back camera. I don't care about the color cuz I'm gonna slap a good case on it – why would you buy a phone for like $800 and not spend the $30 or so for some actual protection?

    If anyone wants to hear the woes of using a 5S still, I wanna vent about that. My phone is uncomfortably hot just from watching this video, Netflix is unusable, as is Twitter, Tumblr, and Amino; my photos regularly delete from my phone and newly taken ones never appear in storage. About half of the videos I send over text/iMessage disappear or arrive to the recipient as a blank message. My phone locks up periodically throughout the day (probably about 4x a day, increasingly more), leaving me to either reset my phone by holding the home button and standby button or just leaving it to sort itself out. It takes about 15 seconds for Youtube to open, and I can manage 720p at about 50 fps according to Youtube's stats, even though my phone's resolution is actually closer to 480. I have to delete and reinstall at least 6 apps through the week because if I don't they will crash my phone when I try to load them (Youtube, iFunny, and Snapchat are the worst offenders). In places where my mom gets 4 bars on her 8, I get 2 at best. If my phone is on standby, it'll often disconnect from bluetooth and wifi, making music cut out. Speaking of music, the apple music app takes about 20 seconds to boot up, another 10 if I try to search something on Apple Music, and it will pause between each song if I don't have the album downloaded to my phone, as well as buffering four or five times per 4-5 minute song as well. Downloading albums is also problematic, as I usually have to start the download on each track individually or else my phone will freeze up from processing the whole album. I also only have spare storage enough for one or two albums, with 11.33 GB total storage and usually about 130 MB free. This is with zero games, one album, 200 photos, and then just work, bank, and a few of the less demanding social media apps.

    This phone has been good for over 5 years. But it's time to upgrade. I've just turned 18 and can now afford to buy my own. My mother believes it's greedy for me to get a new phone, despite me having no computer and needing to be online for my work schedule, school assignments, and a social life.

    Alright I'm done, thanks for coming to my TED talk

  2. AdriAnna Beach

    Much appreciated dude! Your last point about the flickering screen sold me on the XR, i'm SUPER sensitive to flickering lights and screens. Those LED lights at Christmas are the worst because they always flicker. Thank you!

  3. java girl

    I love this video. I love your clear explanations and you're speaking slowly enough with a clear speaking voice. You do a wonderful job. You're expaining things I've heard, things I'm interested in and things that are interesting with detailed specs! I will definitely subscribe. I live the comparisons. (Also, THANK YOU FOR NO MUSIC IN BACKGROUND! YAY! except when you're not talking and showing videos. )

  4. Tyler Masters-Barbosa

    The big issue with the Xr is the display. Not even the resolution, the fact it's an LCD. Those type of displays are fine with regular bezels and no notch like the 6,7,8 etc. But the issue arises when you get a notch.

    You can no longer escape the notch, basically ever. Since the black pixels are still backlit, when you watch videos and have black bars on each side you'll always see the notch on the side. On the X, Xs, Xs Max the pixels are oled so they turn off which makes the notch totally go away.

    Also don't accept this "some people are going to complain about this". 1080p has been a standard across all screens. Even if it's pretty close to 1080p, don't accept apple downgrading the resolution on your device. Not even an apple hater here, I just want apple to give its customers better products. If you always say "you'll never notice the difference" then they'll never change.

    Not to mention the main reason apple made the resolution 828p instead of 1080 is mostly to differentiate the Xr to the Xs and Xs Max. If they made the Xr display too good then why would you ever get the better Xs? They want you to know this is the "cheaper one" to nudge you to get the more expensive one.

    If you really "couldn't tell the difference" then why would apple make the Xs and Xs max have a much better display and so heavily market it. It's because you do notice it lol. It is substantially better

  5. uwukoala qq

    are you gonna be giving away one of these phones? i really need to upgrade off my 6S. The battery has offically given up with about 10-15 minutes of usage and also about 50 percent of the time I press the home button it doesnt work fEllsBaD. Good review tho not saying that to make u wanna give it to me 😛

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