iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL | iOS vs Android 8.0 Oreo

iPhone x vs Pixel 2 XL which has the better operating system? iOS vs Android 8.0 Oreo

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34 Replies to “iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL | iOS vs Android 8.0 Oreo”

  1. Elgatowis _

    Why would I take your opinion when you don't know how to use the apple operating system. I used an iphone since the 4s and I switched to an s8. Not a bad phone but I could not stress enough how much better the ios system. I will be purchasing the new iphone this december

  2. David S

    Absolutely true, also a switcher to my new Pixel from iPhone 5S and those functions are so much better THUMBS UP man!! You convinced me.

  3. Leonardo Morales

    Android is already better; when Apple come with a update only a copy from android. The guy's was talking around what you get used be sure in few years this is was Apple going to be.

    Thanks it was a great truthful video.

  4. Asa Frye

    8:32 Dude… 3D Touch bro… We’ve had it since 2015. Force press on the notifications to bring up options on it.

    Overall, saying that one operating system is better than the other is like saying that one language is better than the other because it’s easier to understand. The people that use iOS more are used to all of the things mentioned and would probably choose it over Android, not because it’s “just better”, but because it suits their needs better and they’re more comfortable in Apple’s ecosystem. I use only iOS devices but I’ve used Android before and all I have to say is that it’s a different language. In the end you’re still receiving the same idea even if it comes in a different form. I have no reason to like/dislike Android which is why I don’t pay attention to it much. But I do recognize that it’s just another type of smartphone for a different type of consumer and it has its values.

  5. Two Eye

    Why didn't apple put the home button on the side? Am I the only one who thinks that is the best way to eliminate the bottom bezel?

  6. Hanan Hanafi

    IPHONE is better than android. plz don't believe this guy, he dosent want to show everything about Apple. if you want to make brightness more or less in Apple, you can just swipe down, and in Android, you will have to swipe from up. So no sense. I feel like this guy is forcing the viewers to buy android. it's your dissension if you want to buy android or Apple. I love Android more than apple but I can't force you to buy it, all I can say is that if you want a cheaper kind of phone/device, buy android but I can force you.

  7. JT Tman

    I just switched from ios and im happy ! 90 percent of the people who get apple is because they have to for the ecosystem , android gives you freedom to choose themes on and change settings , also siri sucks ass !

  8. XGamer

    Let's talk about malware and a market full of fake apps…

    btw. when I saw that android toy in the background, I knew what this guy is going to say

  9. Dan Packard

    I wonder how the performance is on these phones. I remember when I had a Samsung Galaxy Victory that I got in March 2013. It had Android Jelly Bean when I got it and apparently KitKat didn’t support it. I remember it was slow, and by December 2014, it got to the point where I just couldn’t use it because it will just shut itself off when battery is at 70-80%. Now, I wasn’t very good with smartphones like I am now and I wasn’t very careful with my Samsung, plus it only had 4GB of storage. So I wonder if Samsung’s Android software has improved since then. But I know that my father and sister have had a few Android phones: my sister had LG phones, a Samsung phone, and right now a phone that I don’t know the brand name of, and all of them really sucked, I was actually shocked when I saw how slow my sister’s current phone is. My father had a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was slow and really outdated, and now he recently just got a new Motorola phone that’s apparently giving him problems. I think one thing that makes Android inferior to iOS is that the Android phones I knew about stop getting support a lot sooner than iPhones. Whereas an iPhone will have support for a good five years, Android phones will stop getting support two years after their release (although that may not be true about all Android phones). Also, I don’t think that the Google Pixel is a popular phone yet. I live in Maryland and I’ve never known anybody or seen anybody with a Google Pixel.

  10. Leider Nair

    Go to minute 12:40 to see how "easy" is to resize a widget LOL he can't even delete the Widget, typical things that happens in android ??‍♂️ he also exaggerates and slow down the gestures of iOS ??‍♂️

  11. Quinton Bonadie

    Android is way more complicated to use than IOS. Android users are always asking me how to use their android phones. I never had a iOS user ask me for instructions yet. This review is a joke?? iOS is way easier to use. Android is good for free apps and getting spyware on your phone.

  12. i moses

    As launching apps go, If you swipe down from the middle of the iPhone X screen, spotlight search comes up and you can put in the first letter or letters of the app you're looking for and – instant results. You forgot to mention that when you declared Oreo's swipe up to reveal the alphabetical list of all the apps as being the winner in the app launching department.

  13. Justin Price

    I feel a big deterrent for iPhone users switching to Android is privacy concerns. Part of Apple's marketing machine harps on their differential privacy, etc. Beyond that a lot of folks believe Google will mine any data on an Android device. You probably do have more privacy with Apple devices, but I firmly believe they're not as far apart as Apple would have you believe.

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