iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL: We're All Wrong

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Which device wins out between the iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL in a head to head battle?

iPhone X Review:
Pixel 2 Review:

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38 Replies to “iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL: We're All Wrong”

  1. Alex J

    Lmao @ the people who call Apple users “sheeple” but at the same time y’all are almost copying and pasting pro android comments. “DoNt YoU mEaN nIcE sCrEeN sAmSuNg”. Wow so quirky and original

  2. Sinuhe Quadros

    Benchmarks doesn't relevant as you compare different systems. Android is fully multitasking, iOS isn't. It's the main difference between them, rarely mentioned. To measure performance you have to compare opening many apps.

  3. Julius Leppänen

    I dont get the display gategory winner????? Pixel has clearly higher ppi and the blue tint has been fixed with an update, some of the pixel users didn't even have this problem, so this video wasn't a clean competition.

  4. Tic Tech Toe

    I actually have both these phones actually so I have completely neutral view. For me Pixel is no where near Iphone X. Iphone X is at a completely different level. Pixel is nowhere close. I am not sure how Google expect people to pay almost same as an Iphone X.

  5. Kiryu Kazuma

    Haha I'm not pissed but this was a very poor comparison you said iPhone x has a big screen yet the Google has a bigger one , you didn't include battery life or features in the review fast charging or accessibility either so I think you wanted to do comparison were iPhone x can be better than the Google pixel 2 xl but that's just my opinion

  6. The One

    I like the Pixel 2 better, but I think it really comes down to more of what you're used to, and what features you want rather than anything else.

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