iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Full Comparison

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the iPhone X vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

These are two of the top smartphones from apple and samsung, the iphone x vs note 8, as such people are wondering which one is better.

In this video, we will do a deep dive and find out whether the note 8 or the iphone x is the winner.

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32 Replies to “iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Full Comparison”

  1. William Sarokon

    I still gave my Note 8. It was a better phone than the iphone 10. You're right even here brother. You seem to always right about phones!!!! Thank you for doing these reviews!!!!

  2. puru j

    Note8 clearly outperforms iphone displays though i dont know why u say both displays are draw. Please remain true. It seems u r biased towards iphone.

  3. N R

    Apple quality is one of the downsides. I never had a smartphone but I had iPod Touch 5th generation. A two-year span my iPhone developed problems 10 different times. The last time I have to bring my iPhone in was two days before the warranty was to expire.

  4. Doom Slayer

    I mean you get MOAR out of the Note 8 than you do iPhone.

    Unless you REALLY need that simplicity and refined iOS experienced that's almost in EVERY OTHER iPhone's from generations past.

  5. Matte Swe

    google = android = skins = Samsung = Fresh OS-updates ??????____ (NIX…as long you NOT Buying a freaking Pixel…forget Fresh UPDATES from Google..(he he…Brilliant…GooOOgle !? ________the Definition of Tyranny !

  6. eric swyers

    Help!!! I have a note8 and it answers on speaker phone, nobody seems to be able to help me, I’ve enjoyed your videos and figured if anyone can figure it out it would be you! Thanks

  7. riley busse

    Is there any way that you can get Bixby without having to buy a brand new phone because I have an iPhone x with Siri and you can get Cortana on iPhone x I was wondering if you could get Bixby on an iPhone x or something other than their new phones because I don't want to waste $800 just to get a new assistant that is smarter than S Voice from the old Galaxy S6 and doesn't take forever to answer like watching paint dry Bixby is better than S Voice is there a way to get her for free or something

  8. riley busse

    if you're talking about and assistant I would actually choose Siri and Alexa they're actually smarter than Bixby Siri might not be smarter than Bixby but if I were to choose between Siri and Bixby I would choose Siri just because she has better jokes and they're funnier and newer they're different than the Bixby jokes Bixby tells you jokes that you've already heard which is pretty boring but in between Bixby and Alexa I would choose Alexa because Alexa is smarter than Bixby

  9. riley busse

    iPhone has stronger glass than note 8 but if I were to choose the note 8 looks great but so does iphone x i like both but I'll choose iPhone x because of all screen otherwise if it wasn't I would choose the note 8 but only because I love Bixby because she's better than S Voice in terms of assistant ai by Samsung but Bixby and Siri are the best two assistant ai but iPhone is smaller and easier to grip and you can reach every corner of the display where on the note you have to shift your phone or your hand to be able to touch the top and bottom corners of the device

  10. C S

    Note phones are for production, taking notes, writing, rather than text etc, think of the S pen like a little mouse, pointer.

  11. Julia Snider - parks

    Hi ! I love this video ? I have been using g iPhone for the past few years.. I recently switched to note 8 from iPhone 7 plus. I am beyond happy I did ! In my opinion the note 8 is amazing ! With all the amazing customization you can do , and options – the s pen , the split screen , and it's just beautiful to look at all the way around ?…. iPhone cant compare in my opinion. I will never buy another iPhone. iPhone is basic and boring! ?

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