iPhone X/XS/ XS Max Screen Refurbishing Technique – Save The Bezel

REWA is the first company in the industry to participate in broken screen refurbishing solutions. In today’s video, REWA Lab will teach you how to easily remove the bezel without damaging it with the help of the specialized iPhone X/XS/XS Max glue remover and a new-type disassembling pry piece. As we all know, the bezel should generally be cut off during the screen refurbishing process. By using our new products, we can also protect the flex cable from damage caused when cutting off and pulling the bezel. What’s more, the detached bezel can also be reused. In this way, the safety, efficiency and economical efficiency of the refurbishing process can also be improved. Please click links below for purchasing of related products.

Tool Used:
Air Slice Retina Screen:
Manual LCD Separator:
Straight Tweezer:
Anti-static Wrist Strap:
iPhone X/XS/XS Max Glue Remover: please contact us at sales@rewatechnology.com

26 Replies to “iPhone X/XS/ XS Max Screen Refurbishing Technique – Save The Bezel”

  1. Ayham Gtv

    I have a question. When u removed the frame I got a green line on the screen. What is the reason ? What is true mistake that I did? I did the same like on this video. Is this problem caused by an ic on the flex? Can I fix it or not anymore ?

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